Getting over it.

I’m getting over being sick. Nasty stomach bug… Lasted almost 4 days!! I was starting to think I would never feel better. Finally today I was able to eat more than a piece of toast and hang out on the couch instead of my bed.

That’s a picture of the pho I ordered and had delivered. I typically don’t splurge on delivery but I still didn’t feel like leaving the house (haven’t washed my hair or put makeup on in several days) and after my friend KT Harris told me I needed to eat some pho I was craving it. I should eat it more often, it’s so good!

I will spare you the details but I got absolutely nothing done this week… Totally derailed everything I wrote about in the last post. Not forever obviously, but it just sucks to have a lot going on and then have to sit life out for a bit.

The two positives that came out of this week o’illness – I lost 4 pounds and I got into a show I’d never seen before… Married at First Sight. I’m obsessed. I watched all of Season 4, some of Season 7, and Rick and I are going to watch Season 5 together. He LOVES these reality relationship shows. I typically don’t get into these shows but the fact that they get married right off the bat sucks you in! It’s like you have to know what happens.

I’ve resisted the urge to Google the couples to see if they end up together. After Season 4 was over I did look up Nick and Sonia and just as I suspected, he was never that into her and totally found another chick! She’s freaking adorable though, I really like her personality and she has awesome hair.

Anyway, that’s about all I have for now. I need to get to bed, I’m working tomorrow. I was actually supposed to work today but I still wasn’t feeling great last night so I decided I should probably play it safe and stay home another day. I have no idea if what I had is contagious either so better safe than spreading the bug around!

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