PEEPS: Does anyone really even like them?

PEEPS: Does anyone really even like them?

Let me preface this by saying I feel I have the authority to rant about PEEPS because my nickname in college was “Peeps” and yes, it had everything to do with the beady-eyed inferior candy chickens.

I didn’t just stop liking them after the PEEPS attack of Spring ’96, I’ve actually never liked them. I remember getting them in my Easter basket as a kid and promptly giving them to one of my siblings. I had no desire to have that clunky box of hot garbage in my basket any longer than necessary. I was a pretty shy little girl so I never sat on the Easter Bunny’s lap and said “please don’t bring me those God-awful mouthfuls of smoosh ever again” but I should have.

Over the years I’ve occasionally attempted to eat one just to see if I’m missing something because how on earth are they even still around? As soon as my teeth hit that grainy sugar I’m reminded why I don’t eat them and I can’t even finish taking a bite. Blech. I don’t get it, but just like all the other vermin on the planet, these things seem to multiply like rabbits!

Now, 23 years after I was woken from a sound slumber by sticky-fingered Peeps-wielding pledge sisters, the darned things are everywhere. PEEPS are in every aisle in the grocery store, around every corner at Target, in the toy section, the book store, Dunkin’ Donuts and there’s even a brewery in Texas that made Peeps infused beer!

Peep this long list of PEEPS products.

Coffee creamer.


Some shake thing at a restaurant.


Dunkin’ again.


Jelly beans.


Not only is there PEEPS-flavored everything… But there are PEEPS, flavored like everything else!

Coconut PEEPS, dipped in chocolate.

Party Cake PEEPS.

Root Beer Float PEEPS.

Cotton Candy PEEPS.

Easter Egg PEEPS which taste only slightly better than actual rotten eggs.

Fruit Punch PEEPS.

Orange Sherbet PEEPS.

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So good #peeps

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Sour Watermelon PEEPS.

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Richard gets me. 💛 Peeps are my favorite! #peeps

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Can’t forget all of the non-edible PEEPS merchandise.

PEEPS plush, or as I like to call them PEEPS voodoo dolls. Because who wants to cuddle with the crappiest candy of all time?

PEEPS keychains, a Dunkin’ exclusive complete with coordinating donut. Why?

PEEPS dog costumes. Even this pup knows PEEPS are awful, look at that sad face.

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Happy Easter everyone #PeepsCostume #Easter #Blessed

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PEEPS Funko Pop, plastic solid as stale PEEPS.

PEEPS bath bombs which I would have bathed in after my friends doused me in PEEPS had they existed back in the day.

PEEPS books because we need to brainwash the next generation into thinking PEEPS are good or something.

PEEPS candy… With a side of socks?

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Impulse buy. Totally worth it. #peeps #socks

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PEEP on a Perch. Parents everywhere have been longing for a Springtime version of Elf on the Shelf and PEEP on a Perch does not disappoint. Actually, if he’s anything like the candy he does disappoint. Never mind. Are you buying this thing?

PEEPS sidewalk chalk which interestingly tastes better than actual PEEPS candies.

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Easter Peeps sidewalk chalk 🐰🐰🛒 $2.99

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Let’s take a trip down PEEPS memory lane. Here are some PEEPS inspired goods that are no longer available (that I know of anyway).

2016 gave us PEEPS-flavored milk… flavored like other stuff.

2016 also gave us PEEPS scented Yankee candles.

Flashback to 2017, the year PEEPS Oreos made people poop pink PEEPS poops.

After you’ve eaten all of those deliciously mediocre faux marshmallow PEEPS infused treats you can brush your teeth with this.

Now, to answer the question – Does anyone even really like PEEPS? Not really. I mean, I did a poll on my Facebook page and about 75% of the people who responded prefer Cadbury eggs over Peeps.

Maybe that explains why now we have this:

This person gets me.


Thanks for peeping this post… Now share it with your peeps!

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