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This morning I found out I did not get picked to chaperone Rocco’s field trip next Friday. I am pretty bummed. I had actually requested the day off from work when I signed up to be a volunteer a few weeks ago. I totally assumed it was a done deal, and it was so important to me that I was going to use a vacation day in order to do it.

Apparently there are lots of other parents that are funemployed or have flexible schedules because there were so many volunteers the teacher had to randomly select 5 and disappoint the rest. The good news is she said the room mother needs help with the Halloween party so I am hoping to volunteer for that… waiting for an email back.

Rocco’s tooth hasn’t fallen out yet and he’s decided that strawberries, his favorite fruit, are now off limits until it falls out. He thinks the seeds are going to knock it out. I’m fine with this except for the fact that I just bought THREE packs of strawberries when I went grocery shopping at noon on Tuesday while the good people of the world were washing their cars on their lunch breaks, and now he’s not going to eat them…

He’s going to drink them. In smoothies. Since we have so much time between waking up and having to leave for school I’ve decided that those strawberries will not go to waste, I will make smoothies for us every morning until they’re gone. That’s like a totally Pinterest-worthy “life hack” kind of thing right there, isn’t it?

I came home after dropping him off and made some fried eggs, finished my coffee, talked to a former co-worker who called to chat, and then I had good intentions for the rest of the day… I had a long list of things I was going to do. But I ended up just watching TV for like hours on end.

I had to finish watching “This Is Us” because as I predicted in last night’s blog post – I fell asleep in the middle of it. Then I figured since I’m already on the couch and I DID commit to watching all 14 seasons of “Grey’s Anatomy” and I’m still only at the beginning of Season 10… I have to keep going… So I watched 4 episodes before I had to put my Poshmark, Kidizen, and Mercari packages together so I could drop them off at the post office and go get Rocco.

At some point during those 4 episodes I somehow ended up eating a bowl of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce (or syrup, depending on what you call it) and M&M’s on top. I also at some point fell asleep and drooled all over myself too. Don’t judge, you’ve all fallen asleep in the middle of the day when you didn’t have kids or work to deal with and drooled.

After I picked Rocco up from school and came home I had every intention of making some vegetables to go with our leftover chicken but Rick called and said Papa John’s had 1/2 off pizza tonight so… you know where this is going. We had pizza. But I had already promised Rocco I would make him penne pasta with white sauce and he had his heart set on it so I still made it for him.

Right now Rick is reading Rocco a bedtime story while I write this boring ass blog post and then we are going to record a podcast. I am drinking wine (again) tonight so it’ll either be an extra saucy episode or I’ll doze off like I did last night watching “This Is Us.”

Speaking of “This Is Us” how do you feel about this season so far? I gotta be honest, I’m just not as intrigued. I’m not really into how this “romance” between Rebecca and Jack is developing. The surprise ending from a few weeks ago still has us hanging, to the point I kind of don’t care what is going on. I’m just… not that into it right now. I’m hoping it picks up as the season goes on, but it’s just kind of “meh” right now. Anyone agree?

Thanks for reading.

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