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Do you remember me writing about how I would get writer’s block just trying to come up with a title for my posts? Getting stuck on what to even call a post was at times a big deterrent for me. So now I am just going to go with FUNEMPLOYMENT: Day X. Hopefully we don’t enter into the triple digits before #funemployment becomes fun-employment as in I become employed at a new fun job. I think it’ll all work out though.

This morning Rick woke me up at 6:55am with the glorious words, “Babe, Fast Pass booking!”

We’re going to Disney World the first week of November and today was Animal Kingdom Fast Pass booking day. We’re staying at a resort off-property thanks to my dad and stepmom who generously offered their time share for all of us to go on a big family vacation. We can book our Fast Passes 30 days in advance and since I’m the self-proclaimed Disney expert of the family I have been acting as our park travel agent. You can go on the app and book 3 per park starting at 7am so I’ve been getting up to make sure we get the best possible times for the rides we want.

Oh, and by the way, we’ve been saving and planning for this vacation for over a year, so it wasn’t a “Dana… You just lost your job… What are you going to do next? I’M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!” type thing.

FUN FACT: My friend Nicole, who Kyla and I stayed with when we went to NYC over the weekend, her dad is the voice that does that Disney ad after the Super Bowl every year. Totally serious.

Anyway (as opposed to any-who, because you will never hear me say/see me write any-who, it irritates the crap out of me) back to my morning… After I booked the Fast Passes, Rocco and I had pumpkin toast for breakfast. Then he wanted a pear. He tried biting into it and it was kind of hard… I think pears are supposed to soften up a little bit before you eat them so I suggested he just save it for tomorrow. He insisted on trying to eat it, and all of a sudden after he took a little nibble his face started to turn red and his eyes welled up with tears…

“I think my tooth is loose,” he whimpered.

I told him it was OK but he had this horrified look on his face. I wondered if he knew his teeth were supposed to get loose and fall out? Had I failed to prepare him for this? I swear we’ve talked about it before but maybe not?

He said, “I know but IT HUUUUURTS!”

He was just so upset, it melted my heart. I wonder if he was a little scared and just got emotional about the thought of becoming a big boy and losing his first tooth. He just didn’t seem to be in pain.

I talked to him a little bit and then we put his shoes on and he assured me he was fine and ready to go. He did ask me what to do if it fell out at school and I told him to hold onto it and tell the teacher.

Then we talked about the tooth fairy and out of nowhere he said to me, “but she doesn’t bring real money it’s just fake money right?” I asked what he means and he said, “like she brings chocolate coins!”


Another moment and milestone and conversation I would have missed had I been working. Most days my husband was getting him ready in the morning while I slept in a little longer or had to get up and ready myself.

I came home after I dropped him off at school and juggled our Disney plans around a little bit, listed some more stuff on Kidizen, and then I sat in bed for a little while and watched a bunch of Instagram stories.

I picked Kyla up from school and then we went to Subway. She had an appointment at 4pm and we had a little bit of time to kill before it so we sat in the car and goofed off somehow we ended up recording her talking over song intros like she was a radio DJ. I airchecked her. It’s all on my Instagram story if you want to watch more.

She’s a natural, just needs some coaching. It’s crazy that I was her age when I had my first internship at a radio station! We had so much fun, she actually sent me another “break” after I dropped her off at her dad’s. Another moment that never would have happened if I was still working.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to go back to work. I need to work, for my sanity and for financial reasons (obviously), but I am having absolutely no problem making the most of this time off.

Rick just put Rocco to bed so now it’s time for us to watch “This Is Us” since he hangs out with his friends on Tuesday night instead of watching “our” show with me. I had a glass of wine so I’ll probably fall asleep, but I’m going to try to stay awake for it.

Tomorrow night our plan is to record a new episode of “Married On The Mic” and we’ll talk more about me losing my job along with all of the other nonsense going on in our lives.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I am so enjoying you back to blogging! Your funemployment sounds a lot like mine. Sadly it is over today Got a temp job starting tomorrow.😀

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