One week ago today I lost my job. It’s been a week. A fun week. And I don’t mean that sarcastically. Really, I’m #livingmybestlife right now.

I’ve been getting up and taking Rocco to school in the morning… at 9am. Seriously, he doesn’t start school until after 9:00, which means we can bum around until about 8:15am… I can not complain about that one bit! We were all ready this morning with enough time to swing by the Starbucks drive-thru and get egg sandwiches and a PSL. Well, a PSL for me. He doesn’t drink PSLs… YET. God willing I am raising a boy who will grow up and appreciate a good pumpkin spiced latte.

I took him up to the front door of the school and watched him and his ginormous Incredibles backpack walk down the hall until he was lost in a sea of other kids and their ginormous backpacks. He actually doesn’t like to wear his backpack because (whiny voice) “it’s too heavy”… But once we get to where all the kids are getting off the buses wearing their backpacks he excitedly asks to put it on. Too cute. These are the little moments I would never see if I was going to work every day. The picture is this afternoon when I picked Kyla up from school and then had her walk up to get Rocco… His little face LIT UP when he saw his big sister had come to fetch him.

After I dropped him off this morning I came home and picked up some clutter around the house so the cleaning lady could do her thing.

What’s that you say?

“You don’t have a job but you kept your cleaning lady?”


I said this is FUNEMPLOYMENT and cleaning my own toilets again would be no fun at all.

I’m keeping my cleaning lady until I have to choose between her and feeding my kids Ramen noodles. Actually, if Ramen noodles taste like macaroni and cheese they’d probably prefer I keep her and they’ll eat the noodles. Anyway… Yes, I’m keeping the cleaning lady.

If you have a cleaning person, let me ask you this… Do you prefer to not be home when she’s there? Because I feel so uncomfortable when she is here. She’s super nice, but there is something about sitting on my butt while another person is scrubbing my sink that just doesn’t feel right to me. Plus, I think it’s a little easier for her to work and go at her own pace without feeling like I’m checking up on her. I’m not, and maybe she doesn’t feel that way, but I like to be out when she’s here. Usually not a problem because, well, I was at work, but today I had to find something else to do…

So I went grocery shopping at noon on a Tuesday! It was almost as glorious as drinking beer at noon on Tuesday (in a bar that faces a giant car wash)… Seriously, there was like nobody in the store. I picked up a whole bunch of veggies and good foods knowing I will actually (probably) have time to actually prepare and cook them! I can’t even tell you how many bunches of kale and bags of potatoes I’ve purchased over the last couple of years and tossed because they rotted before I had a chance to actually cook them.

Tonight I made a big fat cauliflower roast. OK, it’s actually roasted cauliflower, but calling it a big fat cauliflower roast sounds better… and it was GOOD. Even my husband who isn’t the biggest fan of the white broccoli said it was really good. Super basic. Here’s how to make it.

Buy a big fat cauliflower. Take the leaves off.

Preheat oven to 400.

Put the big fat cauliflower in a baking dish. Douse it in olive oil. Like really douse it. Get olive oil all over it. Season with salt, pepper, and some garlic powder. I suppose you could also just use garlic salt.

Cover with aluminum foil so none of the steam can escape while it’s baking.

Bake for 40 minutes.

Remove the tin foil and bake for another 10-15 minutes until golden brown.

Melt a shit-ton of butter over the top of it.

My friend Jen and I also talked about how good it would be with an herb butter, so you could try that too.

So that’s my big fat cauliflower roast recipe. Move over Rachel Ray!

After dinner I did the dishes because… well, I have no job and my husband thinks that means he should be relieved of dish duty. I let him have his way tonight since he has softball, but I’m no Donna Reed, job or not. (See above paragraph about cleaning lady.)

Yes… My husband is playing softball tonight. Tuesday night. THIS IS US night. Do you think it’s fair that I’m not allowed to watch the show without him and he signed up to play softball every Tuesday during “This Is Us” season? Like, this is supposed to be “our” show… You can listen to us discuss it on multiple episodes of our “Married On The Mic” podcast… So then why commit to doing something with your friends on the night you know the show you want us to watch together is on? Because as you know, I’m a thoughtless witch and I would watch the show by myself and be totally fine with it.

Anyway, multiple people have suggested to me that I use this opportunity to blog every night about all of the fun I’m  having while I’m #funemployed. I can’t promise it’ll happen every night, but I’m going to try. We’ll see how long it lasts, because you know how it is… If you’ve ever stopped working for an extended period of time the days seem to fly by before you have a chance to even write a to-do list, let alone check some of it off!

Well I’m going to go check off “write blog” and get on Poshmark and Kidizen and start sharing my items… I need to sell some of this stuff if I want to keep enjoying my #funemployment! Follow me on Poshmark at danasdirt and on Kidizen you can sign up with the code frw0u and I’ll find you!

Thanks for reading.



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  1. 🙌
    Um, not fair that you can’t watch This Is Us – priorities need to be adjusted if you have to watch together 😆

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