This Blog Post Sucks, Don’t Read It

Lately I find the hardest thing about posting updates on this website is coming up with a title and a photo. Seriously, I can blab on and on about one topic or many topics, but thinking of a suitable headline to sum it all up is rather challenging. I also have no idea what to use for a photo when it’s just a random post about a bunch of random crap.

Maybe I’ll just have that photographer that follows me around take pictures of me posing in awkward yet flattering positions and I’ll use those pictures. Seriously, I mentioned this on Facebook the other day but I’m going to say it again, who takes pictures of the people who always seem to have perfect photos of themselves for social media that obviously aren’t selfies? I get when you’re Kim Kardashian you probably do have a personal photographer plus 12 paparazzi following you at all times so it’s easy.. But I know people in real life who somehow manage to have someone taking pictures of them multiple times a day as if life is one big photo shoot. Anyone with some skills at making me look 10 years younger and 20 pounds lighter want to be that person for me?

Enough about that.

If I’m being totally honest tonight I’m a little disappointed that my post about bullying and suicide didn’t get more of a response. A number of people read it, a few people messaged me privately to say they thought it was “right on”, but I was hoping to really start a conversation. Two teenagers in Montgomery County where I live committed suicide over the last week. I don’t know the circumstances, but that is devastating. I’ve seen two other news stories in the last week about girls – one 10 and the other 13 – who killed themselves after they were bullied. I feel like we need to DO SOMETHING but I don’t know what and I certainly can’t do it by myself. I don’t even know where to begin, but getting input and having a real conversation seems like a good place to start. Maybe I’m just way off and it’s another one of those things that everyone wishes they could fix but they can’t so it just continues. It makes me really sad though. I have some more to write about it but I don’t have the energy for it tonight. It’s been bothering me though. A lot.

So on to other more mundane things…

I warned you not to read this, didn’t I? You can back out now before it really gets terrible…

I still have not gone back to the gym, so add that to the list of things I feel bad about this week…

Tomorrow I have to drop my stuff off for the TotSwap. We have SO MANY TOYS that I want to get rid of, but a lot of them are scattered around the house and I didn’t get a chance to gather everything up. Some of them are not in good shape or missing pieces and I just need toss them. I did a lot of clothes and some of the toys (like Legos) that I know will sell. I’m sitting here in the corner chair in my living room surrounded by piles of clothes, my tagging gun, and a bag full of plastic hangers. Hopefully I make at least $200. Last time I made $244 and I don’t have quite as many things this time.

Rocco will get his stitches out on Friday. In case you missed it last week, he fell on the playground and split his face open right under his chin. Thankfully it didn’t bleed much and they were able to stitch him up nicely within a matter of a few hours at the Urgent Care. He handled it like a champ too, didn’t even cry! I held his hand while the doctor put the stitches in and he flinched a little but didn’t shed one tear. I would have been a disaster!

Traffic is getting to me. I wonder if there’s ever been a study done about how traffic affects mental health. I can leave for work in the morning in a great mood and by the time I get there after sitting for 2 hours I am moody and miserable. I think I do a pretty good job hiding it, but I sometimes feel myself getting really angry and impatient. Same with the ride home… I left at 4:10 today hoping to get home by 5:30 to make dinner and get this TotSwap stuff done. I didn’t get home until after 6. I still was able to make dinner but it wasn’t ready until 7. I literally spend 15-20 hours a week in traffic. That is a legit part-time job. It’s wearing on me, I’m running out of ways to make it enjoyable.

This post kind of sucks but I’m going to publish it anyway. I suppose since I’m acknowledging this one sucks it’s not the one in which I should ask you to share, or at least like, my blog posts on Facebook… But if I’m going stay motivated to do this I need to start getting more than 100 page views a day. Most of them come from links to this site randomly still out there in cyberspace from years ago… I think about 70 people read my #hashtagging post and 58 read the InstantPot one. We have a lot of work to do to get back to 600,000 page views a month which is where I was at my peak. I say “we” because this blog won’t grow if you don’t share it, like it, or comment on it, k?

I need to go to bed now so I can get up at 6:30am, leave at 7:30am, and make it to work by 9:30am so I can be on the air from 10am-3pm, leave at 3:30pm, get home by 5:30pm and drop my stuff off at the TotSwap at 7pm… What a life!

Thanks for reading and again sorry this one sucked!


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