My First Instant Pot Meal

I received an Instant Pot from Kyla’s grandparents the other day. I was pretty pumped because I’ve heard it’s amazing and lots of people rave about it. I was a little nervous to try it out because it has so many settings and some of the recipes seem overwhelming, but I kept it simple with a chili lime chicken to start.


When you first get your pot all you have to do is take all of the packaging off, wash the stainless steel pot, attach the little plastic condensation cup to the side, and plug it in. It looks a lot more intimidating than it is. It says to do a test run with water but I am lazy so I skipped that part. If you want a more detailed guide to getting started, Paint The Kitchen Red has some really good info.

All of the recipes will tell you which setting to use and how to let the pressure out when you’re done. There is a little lever on the top that is labeled “venting” and “sealing”. It feels a little flimsy (mine did anyway) which kind of concerned me but it will tighten once you turn it on and it starts building pressure.

Here’s my raw meat with seasoning.

The recipe said to cook for 6 minutes. It took about 4 or 5 minutes to pressurize and heat up, and then the 6 minute timer kicked in. Just so you know, the timer on this is in hours and minutes. Maybe I’m just not that bright, but I had to look at the booklet to figure out if the timer was in hours:minutes or minutes:seconds. Now that I’m thinking about it that was kind of stupid, but in case anyone else wonders… It’s hours:minutes.

Once it is done cooking you can let the pressure out by turning the vent lever. Some recipes say to let the steam out right away, others say to let it sit for a certain amount of time and then let it out.

There are warnings all over the instructions and on the top of the pot that tell you not to put your fingers or your face near the steam as it lets out… I knew it was coming and it still startled me. Here’s a video.


Unfortunately my chicken did not cook all the way through in 6 minutes. The two smaller breasts were probably fine, but the big fat one was still a little raw in the middle. I started to panic and then just decided to put it in for 4 more minutes. Worst case it would have overcooked and I’d have to feed my husband another hunk of dried out chicken. To my surprise, it was perfect after cooking for a few more minutes.

I took it out of the pot, shredded it on a cutting board, and then put it back in the pot to absorb the juices. I will say that the flavor could have been a little stronger, but the texture was perfect. I did use a little bit more chicken than the recipe called for so that’s probably why the flavor was a little weak.

Despite the issue with the cooking time, I would say my first Instant Pot experiment was a success! I made extra so that we can eat it for lunch tomorrow. I’m excited to try more recipes. I have also been added to a few Instant Pot groups and apparently this cooking device has quite a cult following. Some people have THREE of them so they can make multiple Instant Pot recipes at the same time!

Please comment with your recipes… and as always please share my post if you enjoyed it!

Thanks for reading.

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