This Actually Isn’t The Blog Post I Wanted To Write

I’ve wanted to write about a few things since Thanksgiving and tonight I finally felt like I was going to put in the effort… But then something happened with Rocco that completely derailed my mood so I’m going wait until I’m in a better frame of mind. It’s an important post and I want to do it right.

So instead let me tell you what just happened with him.

Tonight is a mommy and Rocco night. Kyla is at her dad’s and Rick went to play softball with his friends. I told him that after he ate dinner and got ready for bed we could play Dinosaur Monopoly until one of us ran out of money or until 8:15, whichever came first.

I love playing with him and I love that he can count the money himself. He knows if he owes me $6 he can give me three $2 bills or two $3 bills or a $5 and a $1. Sometimes he will say I’m going to give you a $5 and a $2 so you have to give me $1 back just to show off his math skills.

We had the best time playing. We joke around and tease each other and crack each other up.

Then the end of the game comes… and he’s only got $1 left… and he lands on something and has to pay $3 so he’s about to lose… Then he starts cracking up and lifts up the board… He had hidden one of his $3 bills under there at the beginning of the game so he was all proud of himself and said “I tricked you, I still have three dollars!” I laughed and he managed to stay in the game for a few more turns.

Then he landed on one of my properties and owed me more money than he had. I told him he was out and the game was over anyway because it was 8:15 and he had to get to bed… AND HE COMPLETELY LOST HIS SHIT.

He FLIPPED THE BOARD, screamed at me, kicked all of the pieces of the game all over the place, and just turned into a complete monster. I didn’t even know what to do, I had to hold his legs and then his arms to stop him from hitting me. He was having a full blown meltdown because he didn’t win Dinosaur Monopoly. I had to get very firm with him and tell him to stop… and then he just started crying which made me feel like a mean mom.

But seriously, what the hell? He can’t be the only 5-year-old who acts like this, but what do I do? I don’t want to refuse to play games with him because he’ll turn into a raging lunatic if he doesn’t win… And I can’t let him win because I’m not going to raise a kid who thinks he’s always going to win… So how do you play games with your sore loser children and get them to gracefully accept defeat? I guess it’s harsh to call a little boy a “sore loser” but he flipped the freaking board and tried to kick me in the face, so I don’t know what else to call it.

Anyway, that’s how my night ended up. Isn’t it the worst when you think you’re being an awesome mom, all spending quality time with your kid, laughing and having a great time, and then all of a sudden out of nowhere it all goes to hell?

In other news… This Is Us just started but I’m not watching it right now. Rick is on his way home from softball and if I watch it without him I’m a bad wife… I don’t feel like staying up much later so I guess we’ll just watch it tomorrow.

It took me just shy of two hours to get home from work tonight. I left DC at 4:30 and picked Rocco up at 6:25… I try not to think about all of the other things I could be doing with a few extra hours in a day, but it sucks. Someone asked me recently how many hours a week I spend in traffic… 15 to 20!!!

I haven’t gone back to the gym yet, but I did eat almost a whole (small) gingerbread house tonight… So that’s how all of that is going for me. I need to go back though, because I know I feel better both mentally and physically when I make time and muster up the energy.

That’s all for now. I set a goal to write a blog post so even though it wasn’t the one I intended to write, I still wrote it so mission accomplished. The other one will hopefully be soon… and I haven’t forgotten about the other stuff I mentioned last week, it’s just kind of on the back burner for a bit.

Thanks for reading!


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