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Guys I am on social media fire right now. Funny how life works… A few days ago I wrote this blog post complaining about how things just don’t feel quite right and then I start getting, one after the other, these little signs that it’s all going to work out. Maybe I’m not so lost…

First of all, I am so happy I’ve met some really awesome friends over the last year or so. Some of us went to see Bad Moms Christmas on Friday night and had a blast. It was another drinks/apps before a movie night and once again we could have probably skipped the movie and chatted all night. It’s a welcoming group too. I think, at least I hope, that new people have a good time. I know how awkward it can be to go out to meet random people and then feel left out, but I think everyone had fun.

Anyway, after the movie I tweeted this and Justin Hartley, as in Kevin on “This Is Us” who played Santa #2 in Bad Moms Christmas, actually liked my tweet. It certainly helps that I am verified because other verified people are more likely to see my tweets, but still. Pretty freaking cool.

Then last night during the whole Pink vs. Xtina AMA drama I retweeted Pink’s tweet and said maybe she wasn’t making a face at the performance but the lights were bright so she was squinting… It was featured in Twitter Moments all day so my views were in the hundreds of thousands and I got tons of likes and retweets.

I admittedly saw Pink make the face and pointed it out. I knew I wasn’t the only one who noticed it pretty quickly so I didn’t feel bad posting about it. Then I saw her tweet and it made me think twice about how quick I was to judge.

And then I noticed this afternoon that the official Instagram account for Magic Men Live liked our group picture from the other night.

How cute are we by the way?

So this brings me to my next epiphany. OK, not an epiphany, that is a strong word. But I have an idea. I don’t want to blab too much but I think it’s a pretty good one. It would be a thing that involves moms who are doing amazing things, what motivates them, how they juggle it all, their “why”, how they deal with their own insecurities, what they do for fun, and all of that. Almost like featuring a different “Super Mom” in each one. I have met so many new women lately and reconnected with some others and I started wondering what can I do? Maybe this will be it.

Back to Bad Moms Christmas for a second. Did you see it? Did you like it? I’m not asking if you think it was a theatrical masterpiece, but can we all just admit that it was funny? I saw quite a few people saying that it’s stupid, that it will make you leave feeling bad about Christmas, that it’s vile and inappropriate, and I’m like so what? I don’t think it was dark… It got a little serious here and there but overall it was hilarious. It’s supposed to be stupid, almost slapstick, comedy and it’s supposed to be full of ridiculousness. Maybe people need to lower their expectations when it comes to movies like this? I knew it was going to be cheesy but it’s still fun to see with a group of girls who have a sense of humor.

And speaking of the American Music Awards, did you watch? I usually don’t get too jazzed about awards shows anymore because if I’m being totally honest, sometimes I don’t even know who half of the performers are. Given what I do for work I probably should, but if it’s not my genre of music sometimes I am just clueless. Last night was awesome though. Kelly Clarkson and Pink are two of my favorites and they killed their duet. Then Pink blew everyone away when she performed on the side of a hotel. The Imagine Dragons and Khalid mash up was really cool. Demi Lovato, who I like a little more after watching her movie, made quite a statement. Christina almost nailed the Whitney tribute… I’m not going to fake like she didn’t struggle a little with “I Will Always Love You” but she pulled the whole thing off pretty damn nicely. I love that Lady Gaga did her performance from right here in DC and that I know a bunch of people who were there… and then they cut to her live during her concert when she won. I’m probably forgetting someone but my point is I thoroughly enjoyed watching. Oh… and BTS were a mystery to me… I’d only seen their fans blowing up Twitter like crazy and after I saw them do their thing I understood the hype. They’re good. And there are SEVEN of them. Someone is breaking the 4 to 5 members per boy band rule. Do you have kids who are into them?

Moving on to my perpetual struggle with eating well and exercising…

After Thanksgiving I am going to get back on the treadmill and getting back to OTF. I had a family emergency that you may or may not know about a few weeks back and it derailed my progress. What happens is I get into a good routine and then if I can’t go for 4 days or a week it then turns into 2 weeks and excuses. This week I legit feel like I don’t have time. I feel awful and the pasta and gingerbread cookies I ate after 9pm are not helping. Vicious cycle… Eat like crap, feel too crappy to work out, story of my life.

I’m getting up super early to get to work. The thing about being a Music Director before a long weekend is you have to get all of the music done and into the system before you can actually take a few days off. My boss is awesome and he does some too, we work together to knock it out, but it’s still a lot. Of course usually I could just work late but Kyla has a chorus holiday concert tomorrow night that I don’t want to miss so I have to adjust my schedule. The good thing about getting in super early – no traffic!

So that being said I need to set my alarm and get to sleep.

Thanks for reading!


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