Dear Kathy Griffin, Put On Your Big Girl Pants!

I am not a Donald Trump fan. I wasn’t a Hillary Clinton fan either. Our government is corrupt as all hell, so this isn’t about politics. This is about stupidity and taking responsibility for one’s own actions.

I liked Kathy Griffin. I’ve laughed my ass off at her jokes. She’s a gifted comic, but the stunt the other day was gross and not funny and she knew it. Now she’s playing the victim after she created this sh*t-storm and I’m going to call it out.

First let me state that I’m not personally offended by the photo. I expect outrageous in-your-face nonsense from all kinds of people like her. It’s so blatantly obvious when they do things for attention and it’s kind of nauseating to me. It’s like a potty trained kid who poops on the floor just to see mommy get upset. Not saying my son has done that (thankfully he has not), but that’s what it’s like. She did it to get a rise out of people.

She knew it was really bad too. There’s video of her and the photographer talking about how bad it’s going to be. She wonders out loud if she’ll survive it. She says she’ll have to move to Mexico. She knew full well she was going over the line and off a cliff and she did it anyway.

Do I think everyone who does something offensive and stupid deserves to lose their job and their livelihood? Absolutely not. I think we are ruthless when people say things that upset or offend us. It’s insane how quick people are to call for the destruction of someone’s life because they made a stupid mistake or said something offensive. Whether it’s a rough moment caught on video or something stated without thinking, or even something done with intent, we are very quick to go for blood. In some cases the outrage is definitely justified, in others I think we are way too cruel to other flawed humans. As someone who works in media and speaks without thinking sometimes, I can tell you that it’s scary to see how quickly a momentary lapse in judgement can destroy a person’s life.

That being said, this is the world we live in and Kathy Griffin knows it. She also knows Trump, so she knew he would react. She stated previously that not only did she want to get a reaction out of him, but she joked that she’d go after Barron too. I don’t think she meant the Barron thing, but when you say stuff like that sometimes it comes back to bite you in the ass.

So she did what she did, she got a reaction out of Trump and his family, and now she’s completely behaving as if he went after her first. She said he is trying to ruin her and he won’t stop. She thinks she’s being bullied. In actuality, he devoted one tweet to expressing how he felt about the photo of her holding his severed, bloody head. He said his children, especially his 11-year-old son, were upset and that she should be ashamed. As far as I know he hasn’t said another word about it. Knowing how Kathy is, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was anxiously awaiting his tweet with her name in it.

Melania made a statement about how upset Barron was. Donald Trump, Jr. questioned why CNN hadn’t let her go and retweeted some other criticism. Perhaps in Kathy’s mind they should have kept their feelings about her intentionally shocking image of his bloody head to themselves, but they were upset. Again, she knew who she was going after – and she admittedly wanted a reaction.

As for the death threats, people are crazy. Conservative or liberal, if you do or say something outrageous and offensive on purpose and you put it on Twitter, you are going to face the wrath of 1,000 evil trolls. I’m not saying it’s right by any means, it’s not, but blaming the President for death threats from Twitter trolls is just plain bonkers. He did nothing to incite threats of violence against her. He didn’t pose with an effigy of her bloody head. She did that to him, and she did it knowing she was going to incite some anger. In fact, that’s why she did it.

As for the loss of income and employment as a result of this bad decision, it sucks… But it isn’t Trump’s fault. Does she actually think CNN decided to cut ties with her because Donald Trump, Jr. questioned their integrity on Twitter? A network that openly despises him and takes every opportunity to disparage him suddenly decided to defend his honor by firing a comedienne from their New Year’s Eve special? Trump has so much influence over CNN he can’t get one positive story out of them in 18 months but suddenly they’re siding with him on this? Laughable. CNN, by the way, had also warned her in the past about other edgy things she’d done so this was just the last straw for them.

Her attorney of all people brought up her First Amendment rights and said she’s being censored. She’s not being censored under the law. Her First Amendment rights have in no way been violated. She can post whatever she wants on Twitter and say whatever she wants about the President. She can hold another press conference tomorrow and make more played out jokes about him and she won’t be arrested. She can get on Facebook live or stand on a street corner and say whatever she wants, she won’t go to jail for it. The First Amendment, however, does not give her freedom from facing the consequences of your actions. This fact is lost every time someone says something really stupid and gets fired.

Do I think she deserved to be fired? Not really. She lost the CNN thing, the Squatty Potty thing, and several of her shows have been canceled. It’s the same thing that happened when Milo lost his book deal. He has a right to say what he wants, the publisher has a right to not publish him. I know there are several other examples in recent history but I can’t think of them right now. Bottom line, it sucks she got fired, maybe she didn’t deserve it, but she is solely responsible for the consequences of her actions.

I actually think that press conference might have been a huge publicity stunt in itself. The attorney sounded more like Rachel Maddow on her nightly anti-Trump rant than a lawyer representing a client who has been legally wronged. Kathy wrote a few new jokes for the occasion. She attempted to turn the consequences of her own behavior around and said “he broke me” of the person whose bloody head she literally purported to chop off! I know I’m not the only one who sat there saying out loud to my screen, “is she serious right now??”

On a serious note, there are so many other ways to make fun of Trump, why did she choose something so graphically violent and unfunny? American soldiers, journalists from all over the world, and children have been beheaded for real by ISIS and other terrorist groups. The troops she claims to support so much see that kind of violence up close. Why did she think this would be funny? I guess we’ve been conditioned to think we can do crass and obscene things and get away with them if we call it “art” or “comedy” but this was just bad. And again, she knew it was bad.

I wish Kathy Griffin the best, I really do. She doesn’t seem like a person who set out to hurt anyone, and I don’t think she deserves to lose everything she’s worked for because she made a really, really, really bad judgement call… But I also think she needs to put on her big girl pants and accept the consequences of her actions and try to move on with some humility and maybe stop trying so hard to piss people off.

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