Today’s OOTD is a LuLaRoe Irma Trick Fail

Today’s OOTD isn’t all that exciting but are they ever?

Today I really wanted to wear these teal/turquoise/aqua jeans. What color are they anyway? Do I even have to tell you what brand they are?

Old Navy Rock Stars, of course!

I grabbed this gray LuLaRoe Irma and while I love the Irma with leggings because it’s really long in the back and covers the hiney, it’s not great with jeans… Unless you know this little trick I’ve seen all over Pinterest and the LLR groups.

You gather the shirt together at the side and use a hair elastic to pull it together and then tuck it under at your hip. It looks cute when I see other people do it.

The problem is, the little Irma piggy tail doesn’t stay tucked under. I didn’t even notice it had popped out when I was taking the pictures. I realized it when I looked at the pictures in the car a little while later.

I mean really, that is not cute at all!

Have you done this to your LLR Irma and then spent the entire day making sure the nub isn’t sticking out? Is there another trick that actually works? I’ve seen others like this too, where people come up with these brilliant ways to scrunch, tie, tuck, fold, or otherwise alter the clothing so it looks fabulous in pictures but do any of them actually stay in place?

Moving on…

Shoes are Tieks.

Necklace is from eBay. I bought 2 huge lots of them for like $30 last year. A few of them are hideous and I will never wear them, but I think this one matches the jeans perfectly.

And the white undershirt is of course also from Old Navy.

So aside from the sticky-outty thing what do you think of this outfit?

Oh, and if you didn’t see on Facebook, I was interviewed about my Old Navy obsession! A reporter from Business Insider came across this blog a few weeks ago and asked me if I would like to help with an article she was writing about why Old Navy has been so successful. I was pumped! CLICK HERE TO READ IT.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!


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