Redecorating Is Freaking Exhausting!

I hope you spent some time relaxing with family and friends over the long weekend!

I spent the entire weekend, literally, working on organizing and redecorating our townhouse. I am happy I did it, but not as happy as I would be if I actually felt like the place was somewhat in order. It’s really not.

We set up the “man cave” downstairs. You know what setting up a “man cave” for a 37-year-old man and a 4-year-old boy involves right? The man moving the furniture and setting up the TV and electronics… and the woman carrying all of the games, puzzles, toys, books, and other crap down two flights of stairs over and over and over again. Seriously, my hamstrings are sore today! It’s almost like I haven’t skipped OTF for 3 weeks in a row.

As for the living room, the TV has now been moved to it’s permanent spot on the new TV stand. I’ve fluffed and neatened the throw pillows up 6 times because some people think “throw pillows” are actually for throwing off the couch onto the floor.

What I would like it to look like.

What it looked like after Rocco picked up the pillows. Notice he left his blanket and Nick Wilde on the floor because “you didn’t say to pick those up too, mom.”

And yes, I know I need to cut the tags off the furniture. Add that to the list.

I posted pictures of the brown rocking chair that used to be in Rocco’s nursery on the yard sale page, but so far no takers. I’m kind of sad about getting rid of it, but we just don’t have room. His bedroom here isn’t big enough and it won’t fit in the “man cave” either. Plus, “man cave” and “rocking chair” just don’t mix.

I spent many, many nights rocking and nursing him in this chair. I also screamed out in pain when he bit my tit in this chair a few times too. Ah, the memories.

Anyway, I’m not going to get too nostalgic. It needs to go, because I just ordered this round barrel chair. We’re going to set it up in the new living room with the very soft rug I just bought to make a reading corner. He can still sit with me and cuddle and read in this new chair… and no more tit biting. Although he did punch me right in the boob today while we were waiting in line to pay for that new cozy rug, but it was my fault for taking too long in the store.

Here’s the chair. I just figured out how to embed my pins in this blog, how exciting!


I think the major accomplishment of the weekend was getting ALL of the toys out of the living room. If you have toys all over your living room, you know why getting them all the hell out of there is so exhilerating. He will still manage to trash the place (see photo above) but at least I won’t be stepping on Legos, dinosaurs, cars, and monster trucks every night when I get home from work. Oh, and it will look like adults live here!

Figuring out what to hang above the couch is proving to be the most challenging decision to make. It’s the “focal point” of the room, and so far nothing has wowed me. I think I’m just going to hold off until we get the rest of the furniture in and hopefully by then something will pop out at me.

The dining room is coming along nicely. I love the table and chairs from Ashley Furniture. I picked up a yellow table runner and a little white vase with white flowers at Home Goods. I also grabbed some turquoise place mats and a gray and white table runner too. This way I can mix the blue in when we’re having guests or change the runner if I get bored with the yellow. We also got a big mirror to hang on the wall behind the table. We’ll see how it looks. It was only $39.99! Home Goods is definitely the best for stuff like that, elsewhere those big mirrors are like $100 and up!

Here are a few pictures of the dining room. What else should I add?

I would love to take a full length picture of the table with the vase, but you get this close up because there is of course crap all over the room. I also have to train my husband to stop using the dining room table as his dumping ground. We’re going to get a cabinet for the space on the other side of the room so we can throw all of our crap in there instead.

Not that I think he even reads this blog, but let me state for the record that he is not the only one who is guilty of using the dining room table as a messy desk. I do it too, sometimes. But I pick my stuff up, he just lets his collect.

Believe it or not I am also working on Kyla’s room too. I got her a big purple bean bag chair, a white desk that she and Rick put together last night, and a furry pink desk chair. I was all excited to do some more work on it today but she had a busy weekend and just wanted to sit at said new desk and play SIMS so I didn’t bother her.


She LOVES all three of those items. You never know when shopping online but I’ve been really lucky lately. That desk is huge by the way. She’s been asking for a desk for a long time so I’m glad we could finally get it for her.

I also bought these for her a few weeks ago. They’re from Society 6 and they were a little pricey, but I like that they aren’t coming from a big box store. Society 6 gets their stuff from independent artists. I don’t know exactly how it works, but since I tagged them on this IG pic several of their artists started following me.

I think that’s all I have for now. This post is pretty long an my agent told me not to babble too much…

Thanks for reading! If you have any suggestions for what to hang above my couch, please comment, link me to pictures, etc! I really need help. I have a headache from looking at Pinterest so much lately. I actually think that Pinterest has the same effect on self-esteem as Instagram… Like you look at all of these perfectly decorated homes and feel like whatever you do to your space just doesn’t live up. Hopefully after all of the money I’m spending this redecorating project doesn’t turn out to be one epic Pinterest fail!

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