#MomLife is the Best Life

It is also the busiest life.

Seriously, while I have 10 minutes before I have to go get Kyla, let me just make a quick list of all of the things on the agenda for the weekend. Plus I will include the things we’ve already done this morning.

Clear more crap out from garage

Move old dining room table to garage

Move old couch to basement – Rick mostly did this, I just kind of touched the furniture a little bit as he carried the pieces of our sectional down the stairs

Roll up old rugs

Roll out new rugs


WE ARE HERE – Write this blog post

Go get Kyla from her dad’s

Figure out how to fix her dance costume that she apparently ripped with 4 shows remaining this weekend

Go to dance store and get her new tights because she ripped those too

Anxiously await new furniture that should be delivered in the next few hours

Help Kyla get ready for dance recital. I haven’t had to do this the last few days because thankfully her friend’s mom was able to get her after school and the girls got ready together. She got them there, I had pick-up duty.

Drop Kyla off at recital (I’m going tomorrow)

Go to party at Rick’s boss’s house

Drink a much deserved and needed glass of wine (YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Convince Rick that he will drive to pick Kyla up after her recital at 9…

So I can drink another glass of wine

Pour a third glass of wine and half-way through it realize I’m going to hate myself if I finish it so I dump it down the drain

Come home and sit on my new couch and think about what I’m going to hang on the walls

Shop online

Go to bed too late.


Get Kyla up and to her dance recital before noon

Get my hair done

Go to dance recital at 3

Somewhere in this madness I also need to do 2 weeks worth of laundry and grocery shop.

And that took more than 10 minutes now I have to go get Kyla, for real.

TTFN sorry this blog post kind of sucked, but you hear me on the wine thing right?

I was ordered to write this weekend by my agent.





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