A LuLaRoe Randy, Old Navy Jeans, and Ankle Boots


OK this is actually the OOY, the Outfit of Yesterday, but I’m once again attempting to commit myself to working on this website and I wanted to share this one.

LuLaRoe Randy top $35.

I had a hard time figuring out what to wear it with. It looked like it had white stripes/flowers in the photo, but it’s actually more off-white, so it won’t look right with white pants. I ended up putting the off-white tank under it which made it look much better. Layering is our friend.

Jeans from Old Navy $25.

I’m hooked on Old Navy mid-rise rock star jeans. I know I can order them online and they fit. I have several dark pairs like this, an olive pair, teal, light pink, red, black, and gray. When you find cheap jeans that fit, you buy them all.

Ankle boots were $19.99 on Zulily.

I have no idea what brand they are, but I love them.

Now let’s talk about the smiley face… It is covering this big plug thing that is hanging out of the wall. It connects to the alarm system that doesn’t work. The wires are completely destroyed, but the owners fed the cord through the wall so now it’s just hanging there. I’ve plugged it in just so it doesn’t look so ridiculous in my mirror selfies, but it falls out. I am about to just cut the damn thing off and shove the wires back into the wall. I know this sounds completely ridiculous, but it bothers me. If I’m going to commit myself to sharing my outfits a few times a week, I need to have a clean background for my mirror selfies. Seriously!

Let me also vent for a second about Old Navy’s most recent line of tops. They are cute but they are all off-the-shoulder style. I don’t have the biggest boobs by any means, but they are big enough that I have to wear a supportive bra. Wearing off-the-shoulder tops requires wearing a strapless bra… Strapless bras are annoying and uncomfortable. I buy a TON from Old Navy, so this is really putting a damper on my spring shopping spree. I have been checking back to see if they’ve added new stock of normal sleeve shirts… nope, more off-the-shoulder madness. I’m trying to figure out where else I can look because they’re really cramping my “must be able to wear a normal bra under my shirt” style.

So where should I shop??

Thanks for reading!


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