Freezer Meals and Other Missions Accomplished

Last night I made a ton of freezer meals. It takes a while, but knowing I have a freezer full of quick and tasty dinners for at least a month makes me feel fantastic. We eat out way too much. We eat crap way too often. I’m not saying everything I made is completely “clean” but home made food is definitely better and cheaper than eating out.

Here’s a quick video with a few of the things I made. Some of them are Tastefully Simple meals, others are just some of my favorite recipes that I’ve found on Pinterest. I feel like I need to re-organize my food pins into categories because there are just so many of them… But that’s another project for another time… Like maybe one day this winter when it’s 10 degrees out and I have nothing else to do.

If you want any of the recipes I can give them to you. I made chicken parm burgers with fresh rosemary, thyme, and red sauce mixed in. Zucchini ricotta turkey burgers. Asian stir fry. Rosemary thyme pork chops. Fennel turkey. Everything is all mixed together so I just have to thaw and cook… and then make sides. My go-tos are roasted broccoli, steamed carrots, and sweet potato rounds.

I also accomplished another tough workout on Sunday… I’ve lost 5lbs over the last week or so. I always end up losing and gaining and my weight always fluctuates by a few pounds, but I feel like my pants fit a little looser. I am going again tomorrow. We’re trying to figure out our schedules for the fall so that I can go 3 days a week. Monday nights I’m going to be hosting a Monday Night Football event, Tuesday nights he’s playing softball, Thursdays are my late day at work, so hopefully I can do Wednesday, Friday, Sunday. I know they say “never miss a Monday” but I don’t care what they say.

Yet another accomplishment – writing Thank You notes for Rocco’s birthday party gifts. It was a bit rough getting him to write his name on all of them… He thought it was hilarious to just draw a bunch of circles all over the card instead of writing his name. They’re done though, so I can cross that off my to-do list. Well, I still have to put a few of them in the mail… that’s on the list for today.











I took Kyla and her friends to the mall on Sunday so she can no longer give me the “you never take me and my friends to do anything” guilt trip. Yes, this weekend I accomplished “Mothering A 12-Year Old 101” and even got a quick lesson in Tweenage Fashion 2016. Crop top, booty shorts, ankle socks, athletic shoes. I wish I saved the Snap of her friend saying it because it was pretty cute. And clearly I am not the only mom who has been pressured into letting my daughter wear shorts that are too short…

While they were roaming the mall unsupervised, I did some shopping myself… Got some new gym clothes at Victoria’s Secret – 4 items for $109 – I would say that’s an accomplishment because one pair of athletic pants usually costs $66.50. They were having a sale, woo-hoo.

I also got a few things for Rocco at Gymboree because, you know, he doesn’t have enough Gymboree clothes… and I got a few things for myself at Old Navy too.

The one mission I did not accomplish – finding pumpkin spice bagels and pumpkin spice bread! Thomas’ Pumpkin Spice Bagels are my absolute favorite (besides the Starbucks scones) and Pepperidge Farm makes Pumpkin Spice Swirl Bread which is also insanely good… I just went to the Thomas’ Facebook page and they posted a picture of the pumpkin stuff an hour ago, which means maybe it just hasn’t made it to my grocery stores yet. If you see it, let me know! I don’t eat a lot of bagels because… carbs… but these are a special treat.

OK so one more thing before I wrap this up… My boss just offered to get me a PSL, he’s going to Starbucks. I said “no thank you.” Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the PSL but the one I got the other day made me SICK. Like, I wanted to vomit after I drank it. I won’t get into any further details, but I think my stomach is rebelling against it. I will stick to my pumpkin spice coffee and creamer.

And… my new website is in the works and should be ready soon!



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