OK, For Real This Time

I started my diet & exercise thing pretty strong… for about 2 weeks… Then last week happened and it all went to poo. I didn’t have time to go to the gym, or when I did have a little time I was just too tired to go. I ate crap. I’d lost 5lbs and gained it all back… But I did not give up.

Last night I went to Orange Theory Fitness for the first time. First class is free. I was nervous that I wouldn’t make it through an hour workout. I always feel like such a wimp in a group setting because I’m usually the most out of shape person in the room.

When I went to the cycling class a few weeks ago I looked around as I was huffing and puffing and losing steam and everyone else in the room was moving right along. I started to get dizzy, really felt like I was going to vomit, and I ended up bolting about 10 minutes before the class was over. I’m sure if I had gone back I would have gotten the hang of it, but I just didn’t feel like it was a good fit.

I signed up for 8 classes/month at Orange Theory right after the class last night. I loved it because even though it’s a group workout, I can go at my own pace. I felt challenged but not pushed to the point I couldn’t do it. I always have a hard time in workout classes too because my form is so bad to start.. and it takes me a little while to actually learn the exercises. I can watch the instructor but I always stand the wrong way or hold the weights backwards… She came over a few times and helped me. I know hiring a personal trainer is way out of my budget but I like knowing that if I need a little help getting the exercise, the instructor will give some direction. And again, I chose my weight… some people were doing 25lb dumbbells and I started with 5lb and moved up to 8lb.

I also love that they monitor your heart rate and how hard you are working the whole time, and then send you a workout summary at the end. The goal is to spend 12-20 minutes in the “orange” zone… and I actually did it!

They are very welcoming to new people… There was one other new person in the class and the instructor personally welcomed us.. and at the end she congratulated us on doing such a great job. Other places I’ve been they don’t really care if you’re there or not, they just show you what to do real quick and you’re own your own. Our instructor checked on us throughout the class and acknowledged us at the end.

Needless to say, I can’t wait to go back! I only did the 2 per week plan for now but I am hoping to step it up and go 3-4 times a week once I get started. It is literally 5 minutes from my house and they have classes later at night and on weekends so no excuses! I also have a new friend who goes, her daughter was in Rocco’s class last year and we got together for a play date… So we’re going to try to do some classes together when we can.

As for the diet… I just got some dark chocolate almond bark because I was craving chocolate. It’s better than housing an entire 3-serving bag of mini Oreos, right? For breakfast I had a banana/pear/blueberry/spinach smoothie and for lunch I had a chicken and kale wrap. I had BBQ chicken breast with leftover roasted potatoes and carrots for dinner last night.. OK then I had a little bit of mac & cheese that the kids were eating too. And yesterday morning I had a banana/strawberry/peach/pineapple/spinach smoothie. So I’m doing OK with the food… for now anyway.

I signed up for the Wednesday night class and another on Sunday.

That’s all I got for now… well besides all of the crap that is irritating me today, but I can’t bitch about that here, so I’ll shut up and get back to being in a grumpy mood.


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