Vacation Is Over, Time To Get In Shape!

I had such a great time on vacation last week. Family, friends, kids, laughs, sunshine, wine, and of course tons of good food… Including my sister’s ridiculous cake pops and my stepmother’s molasses cookies.

Before I left I wrote a post about how crappy I feel all the time due to my terrible diet and lazy ass-ness… and I committed myself to doing something about it. The time has come.

Today I am going grocery shopping after work, and tomorrow I will start back at the gym a few days a week.

I’m going to get spinach, egg whites, lettuce, chicken, broccoli, fruit for smoothies, and all of the healthy stuff I like to eat. I’m going to try to do a little meal prep and make a weekly menu so that I always know what I’m going to eat when… Instead of just flying by the seat of my pants which usually leads to Starbucks drive thru for breakfast, Oreos from the vending machine for lunch, and picking up a pizza for dinner.

I also promised to take a “before” picture and I know you’re anxiously awaiting that lovely sight… So I’ll satisfy your curiosity later.

I am 139 pounds right now. My pre-Kyla weight was 120. Pre-Rocco weight was about 125… So I want to lose about 15 pounds and tone up.

Side note – I am giving away tickets to the Montgomery County Fair on the air today and all I can think about is fried Oreos.

Anyway, that’s all I have for now. First day back at work so I need to get focused… Thanks for reading!



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