Dana’s Dirty 30: My New Video Project

I have been told I should do videos for years. Literally, years. I think Drake Donovan, the guy who so kindly and awesomely agreed to put this together with me, and I talked about doing Dana’s Dirt videos about 5 years ago. We hadn’t spoken in a long time but a few weeks ago I decided it’s time to make it happen and I reached out to him.

A co-worker of mine who helped me get my job here in DC came up with the idea of “Dana’s Dirty 30” a few years ago. We talked about doing it as a countdown show but who knows if that will ever come to be… When I decided to do videos I thought, hmmm… I don’t want to do anything too long and elaborate, just quick and (hopefully) funny and to the point, so I’ll make them 30 seconds… Or so… Dana’s Dirty 30.

To my knowledge, nobody else is doing a “Dana’s Dirty 30” like this. I Google searched it to make sure. Yeah there are quite a few people named Dana who called their 30th birthday party “Dana’s Dirty 30”, but nothing like this. There are at least two other people doing “Dana’s Dirt” reports on the radio, but I’m quite certain that when I bought the domain 13 years ago nobody else was using it. I’ve been mistaken for the other Dana’s Dirts and I just like to make sure it’s known that I did not copy them. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, I’m flattered. It’s not like a chick named Dana calling a celebrity report “Dana’s Dirt” is the most innovative and creative use of alliteration ever anyway, so no big deal. Maybe it was parallel thinking… even though the guy who hired one of the other Dana’s Dirts referred to me as “the original Dana’s Dirt” when I also applied for that job.

Anyway, this is what we came up with. I have absolutely zero experience with television, and as far as recording this I am a one woman show. I don’t have a high quality video camera, lighting, or even a tripod yet. I have been setting my phone on top of the mic in the studio, balancing it, and trying to sit so that you can only see the solid wall behind me. I know there are some things that need to be fixed, but I wanted to get one done and make sure people enjoy it before I go trying to get fancy.

Sometimes I get really frustrated when I see other radio people doing cool videos, they have a team, they have a camera guy who sets up the lighting, they have support. I am doing this on my own. Thankfully Drake has enjoyed my dirt for a while and is willing to donate his time, creativity, and video skills to produce this for me… and we’ll see what happens.

So here it is.

And for more on Amy Schumer, here’s my rant from last week.

This is the video I’m talking about that shows the scenes from her show and bits from her stand up…

Thanks for watching!

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