Propofol and Mermaid Bathing Suits

My life is so ridiculous sometimes.

Monday morning as I was sitting in the waiting room before my endoscopy/colonoscopy, my Facebook selling group was turning into an absolute sh*t show. If you know anything about preparing for this procedure, I’d already spent the night dealing with a sh*t show, I did not need another one.

There’s a Circo brand bathing suit at Target for $17.99. It’s sold out in some sizes online and hard to find in stores. The drama started the night before when someone listed a few of them for $35 a piece and some other mamas started in on her for “taking advantage” and “making a profit” off other people. We have a rule about commenting on pricing. Whether it’s a used item or a new item, our policy is if you don’t like the price, keep scrolling.  A lot of people, myself included, buy clearance items to resell and of course we mark them up a little.. It wouldn’t make sense to spend so much time selling if we weren’t making any money, right? It’s just like eBay, only no fees.

So this happened Sunday night and we took care of it, banned the people who were being rude, and I had no idea it was going to continue into the next day. Women were going BANANAS, calling sellers a-holes, greedy, selfish, trashy, classless, it was vicious. My messages were blowing up, one lady was asking me how I can live with myself allowing people to rip other mothers off like that… as if we’re talking about water and basic necessities here? We’re talking about a bathing suit that nobody, I mean NOBODY, actually NEEDS.


I’m lying in the hospital bed getting an IV stuck in my arm, about to be put to sleep with the Michael Jackson Propofol drug and have tubes jammed in me and these ladies are going at it over a mermaid bathing suit for toddlers from!

Photo added for dramatic effect, I was not sleeping yet haha…

The other admins stepped in and handled it… I was knocked the eff out about 10 minutes later and thankfully woke up to the news that I have a nice clean digestive system. With the exception of some minor inflammation in my stomach, I’m fine. She did some biopsies and I’ll get the results in a few weeks but she doesn’t expect them to show anything of concern.

Back to the bathing suit… The drama continued through the day. One lady sent me a message calling me a “trashy ass bitch” for letting people jack up the price and “rip other moms off.” Another lady sent a seller a message telling her she should be ashamed of herself. A few hours later I got a long message from someone asking me what my reasoning is for allowing such immoral behavior in my group.


Yes, seriously. And when I told this chick that I wasn’t going to tell people what to price their items at and that I was tired of dealing with it, she accused me of being rude to her. As if calling my moral character into question over the price of a bathing suit isn’t rude?


So I made a video to address the situation… and it now has over 5,700 views. It’s been shared in several groups and 99% of the feedback I’ve received is positive. Go me!

This whole thing is especially funny because last week before all of this went down, Rick said to me, “you should make a blog or videos about all of the crazy stuff people do in the buy sell groups.” Sure enough, it happened and the video I made has gotten more views than all of the other ones I’ve ever done put together! I think we’ll do more.

If you have anything to submit, screen shots of crazy yard sale or BST group antics, funny listings, or anything we could use for future blog post/video, send it to me! I won’t use your name or the person’s name, or the name of the group, everything is anonymous, we just want the laughs!

Oh, if you watch the video, you’ll see I mention Starbucks a lot, like “so what if she made $10 to get Starbucks for the week!” I was informed this morning that in one of the BST chat groups some women were picking the video apart and some girl said, “what if I don’t have the extra money to be paying for her Starbucks?”

Um, DON’T BUY THE BATHING SUIT SHE’S SELLING?? Like, what is with people thinking they are entitled to have something that I own, I shopped for, I will have to ship, for what I freaking paid for it? Does anyone go into Target and say, “I know that bathing suit only cost $2 to make in Indonesia, I can’t afford to pay $17.99 for your CEO to buy another yacht!” No! It doesn’t work that way. I swear these women are delusional!

Anyway, I also have an idea for Dana’s Dirt videos, I like doing the little rants like the ones I did about Amy Schumer and Brandi Glanville, but I also want to do some quick reports, like a news update, so that is in the works…  A friend with some mad video skills helped me put a “demo” together but I’m not sure exactly how I’m goind to do it yet. We picked up video editing software yesterday after breakfast so we’ll see what we can figure out. I want to do it myself.

As for getting this website redesigned… That is on the list.

I feel like I have a bazillion things I want to do, and I ended up sleeping all day. This schedule kicks my butt, and since my system is still a little sore from the procedure I had done, I didn’t drink coffee today… and it was raining… perfect recipe for a nap from noon to 3pm!

That’s about all I have for now. Thanks for reading!

Here’s the post-procedure video I made last night if you haven’t seen it yet.



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