Barium for Breakfast…

Today I had my CT scan. I suppose it went well, but the barium sulfate drink is terrible. I mean really, why don’t they just call it what it is, Barium Sulfate, on the bottle instead of trying to make you think it might actually taste decent? It didn’t really taste like vanilla at all. It smelled like vanilla, which makes me wonder what the heck additional poison they put in it to give it that smell, but it just tasted like vomit to me. I would say it’s worse than the gestational diabetes orange drink, so you know it’s bad.

I also wasn’t expecting any needles but they also had to do an iodine injection so that was a lovely surprise. As the nurse is putting the needle in me she goes “whoops!” Then I felt liquid dripping down my arm and I thought did she just rip my vein apart and now I am bleeding? But it was just the saline, the tube wasn’t sealed to the needle part or something. I don’t know, but it wasn’t a big deal.

If you’ve never had a CT scan it’s pretty simple once you’re done with thet drink and the needle. The bed moves you in and out of the machine and they tell you to breathe in and hold it and then breathe out. That’s about it. Took 10 minutes. I thought I could just get dressed and get on with my day… but no.

I am pretty sure I’ve had the drink before when I had a scan done on my back a while ago and I don’t remember it making me sick… So I wasn’t really worried about it. I figured I’d be totally fine as long as I drank a lot of water to get it out of my system. I was wrong.

My stomach started gurgling really loud… scary loud… on the way home. I hadn’t eaten so I got a sandwich and thought that would help. Nope. My stomach has been hurting all day. I Googled it, of course, and everything says that there really shouldn’t be any side effects from it but I’ve talked to a few other people who also said this drink made them feel sick too. Hopefully it goes away soon. Totally ruined my day!

I will get the results Monday or Tuesday. I’m not holding my breath for Monday but we’ll see. I have absolutely no idea what it could be. I’ve looked at WebMD way too much and it could be anything from an enlarged spleen to pancreatitis to an ulcer to myeloma. I just want to know.

Next step if this doesn’t show anything… an endoscopy. Great. Can’t wait to have something shoved down my throat. They put you to sleep for it, the doctor said it’s the best 5 minute nap you’ll ever take, but still it freaks me out.

Needless to say I am not feeling great tonight but whatever, could be worse!

Sorry this post is a total snoozefest but at least it’s something, right?


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