I really don’t care if One Direction breaks up or not. I don’t. It does not affect my life in any way. Kyla doesn’t really care about One Direction. She’s all about this Twenty Twenty group that will be the next big thing but that’s another blog post for another day.


One Direction is not breaking up.

At least they have not officially announced they are breaking up.

And that means people should stop spreading this ridiculous rumor around as if it is fact!

I really do try these days to make sure the stuff I post to the station website is actually true… And if it’s an outrageous story that I feel will get clicks, I post a click-bait-but-not-quite-misleading headline and then in the story I say nope, this is not true.

I have seen several well-known radio stations share this “ONE DIRECTION IS BREAKING UP!” story and I’m over here like… do you guys even bother fact checking? I posted it to my wall earlier without verifying it, but I won’t post things to the company website until I have at least attempted to make sure they are true. Or I’ll say that I don’t know if it’s true or not. I try really hard not to spread false information. Call me crazy but I think my radio station should be a trusted source – not tabloid trash. Do you want to become the National Enquirer with people just rolling their eyes at your headlines because they know what you publish usually isn’t true? I don’t.

I think the reason why everyone is so quick to believe they’re breaking up is because it wouldn’t be surprising… Zayn Malik already peaced out. There have been rumors about Harry Styles wanting to do solo things for a while. Louis is going to be a dad and it sounds like he might actually want to be around for his kid. Liam is working with some producers so we know he’s already got other projects going. And Niall is rumored to be hooking up with Selena Gomez and he just changed his hair color from blonde back to his natural brown.

Really, these dudes have a lot going for them, and at this point it seems like following different roads might be good for all involved. Devastating for their fans, I know, but somehow we always get through these boy band break ups.

Now let’s talk about my video game. Not my video game as in for XBox, but my video skills. If I am going to do this, I  need to figure out where I need to look because you can tell I am looking at my reflection in the camera and not at the actual camera. Also, the blank wall behind me is blah. We’ll see if anyone even starts watching my nonsense and then we’ll work on making things a little more professional. I see other radio people with fancy videos and I’m all resting my phone on the mic using a wire to hold it in place. Not even kidding. One man show over here.

I said I was going to write every day even if it sucks, so this is what you get…


I went crazy today at Gymboree. As some of you know, I have a little obsession with kids clothing, Gymboree especially. I buy a crap ton for Rocco and then I buy to re-sell. I got tops for $2.11 and pants for $3.89. Rocco will wear his (probably only once) and then I will re-sell them for $5 plus a piece. Win-win! Someone actually told me the other day that I should teach a class on how to sell clothes on Facebook. Maybe someday…

If you like Gymboree you should check out this website Pictures of all the lines and sneak peeks before stuff even hits stores.

OK that’s all. Thanks for reading.

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