This Amy Schumer Picture is Awkward

There, I said it.

While everyone else is all saying how beautiful and stunning and perfect and amazing she looks, I’m going to just throw this out there because it’s the truth – this picture is AWKWARD.

Yes, Amy Schumer is a beautiful woman. We are ALL beautiful women. We are ALL beautiful. All humans have beauty.

But this is still an awkward picture.

And anyone who is commenting on social media saying that she looks stunning is failing to be honest about his or her initial reaction to the photo… “That’s awkward, WTF is she doing?”

I thought it was some kind of silly joke when I first saw it. She’s nearly naked, making a funny face, holding a cup of coffee, and resting uncomfortably on the side of a stool. It’s awkward.

Annie Leibovitz took the picture?

Oh, it’s ART! It’s beauty! It’s priceless! It’s amazeballs!

It’s awkward.

There is nothing wrong with her body, after seeing this I actually think it’s bizarre she is constantly calling herself fat because she’s definitely not fat and doesn’t even appear to be overweight in any way. It’s just that there is nothing natural about looking like you’re about to fall off a stool while holding a cup of coffee wearing nothing but heels and lace panties.

Why have we gone so far to the other side that we can’t just call something what it is? A weird picture. It’s a weird freaking picture. None of us looked at it and thought upon first glance, “wow what a beautiful picture of her!” None of us did!

One of the reasons I have been reluctant to get this website going again is that I am afraid I am going to offend people. If you read my website back in the day (it’s seriously been over 11 years since I started it!) you know I used to rip everyone apart! It would NEVER fly these days. Admittedly I was downright mean to some celebrities but now we can’t criticize anyone for anything without being accused of “shaming” or “bullying” and it’s ridiculous.

So here’s how I feel about this picture. It’s awkward. Amy is adorable, funny, smart, ballsy, brave, and every other feelsy¬†buzz word you want to call her, but this picture is awkward.



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