Snow, Opportunities, Sacrifices, and Obnoxious Upstairs Neighbors

It snowed the other day. It’s been COLD. The cold I HATE. The cold I swore I would avoid for the rest of my life by staying in Florida. We see how that turned out… Come be on the radio in a big city… OK, I’ll deal with the snow. I’m such a sucker.

Sacrificing the warm weather to do something I love… cool. But there are other things, very few, in life, that I can’t sacrifice. Almost makes me want to cry thinking about it. And I can’t get into it, because it was really just a conversation in passing today, but wow.

OK, maybe I am just getting all upset and in a funk tonight because I barely got any sleep last night. Partially my “fault” because I stayed at work very late, two nights in a row, to work on something that I kind of feel like I maybe shouldn’t have even bothered with. Not because it isn’t a good idea, not because I don’t want to work hard, but because I’m not happy with the finished product… or the unfinished product… But I put my mind to it, I did it, and I figured out through doing it that maybe it’s not the thing I need to be doing.

So I stay here late… Nearly run out of gas on the way home, as in 40 miles to empty, 32 miles to get home, windy, and miles dropping off faster than I’m driving them, if that makes sense. I turned the navigation on to make sure the tank stayed fuller than the number of miles left. I pulled in with 4 miles left in the tank. Made it to the gas station tonight on fumes, it was at 1 mile left. But I made it.

I get home, Rick and I chat for a little bit, and the last time I looked at the time on my phone it was 4:09am.

At about 5:30 or so, I wake up to an alarm going off. It wasn’t one of our alarms, it was coming from another apartment. Now, there’s always a chance it was the apartment below us, but I highly doubt it. The people upstairs are the loudest, most obnoxious, yelling, foot-stomping, jumping off the couch, loud crashing, Lord only knows what the heck they are doing up there neighbors EVER. So clearly when an alarm clock was going off for AN HOUR at the crack of dawn, it was them.

Finally… finally… thank the baby Jesus… it stopped.

For 9 minutes.

Then it started again… no… no… no please no… they’re going to shut it right off, right? Right? Getting up to turn it off?


This went on for another ten minutes before Rick finally got up and gave the wall near the ceiling two hard knocks.

It stopped within seconds.

So those jerks know we heard it.

I took Rocco out to run some errands this morning, did some work on the computer, ate some soup, and then went to take a nap before work.

Tried to take a nap anyway, just as I was dozing off the screaming and running around right above my bedroom started.

So much for that.

And I know, it’s the middle of the day, they have kids, wouldn’t have been such a big deal had their alarm not kept me up tossing and turning and burying my head under the pillow for an hour in the middle of the night.

So over-tired, overwhelmed, and feeling a little anxious about the future tonight.

I only have to be here for another hour, but I have about 2 hours of work to do. Tonight would just have to be one of those nights when I feel like I’m drawing some blanks. I think maybe I put too much pressure on myself sometimes when I could just half-ass things and probably get away with it… but that’s just not me.

It’ll pay off, right?

Night, night.

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