Christmas Recovery Mode

I think it is safe to say I am in Christmas vacation recovery mode. Only instead of sleeping, I’m at work.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. One of the best things that happened to me in 2014 is getting back on the air at a great station… But I am very tired. Thankfully this will just be another 2-day work week. I have Wed-Fri off.

Our vacation was actually pretty relaxing. Travelling with kids is always a pain, especially when you have to lug a car seat and gifts, but the majority of the time we just spent hanging out, playing games, and shooting the breeze.

The flight from Baltimore to Boston is only about an hour, we spend more time getting to the airport and getting out of the airport than we do on the plane. I was worried it was going to be bumpy because when we left Wednesday morning it was POURING but it wasn’t bad.

We landed in Boston and went straight to Target to do some last minute shopping. The place was an absolute madhouse.

Oh wait, back up, first we went to lunch at Friendly’s. I got turkey tips with rice and broccoli, by far the healthiest thing I ate the entire trip.

Then we went to Target. It bears repeating – the place was an absolute madhouse. Stuff was strewn everywhere. Shopping carts blocking just about every aisle I needed to go down. Kids sprawled out on the floor with no adult supervision. Nothing in it’s proper place on the shelf. Somehow I managed to get everything we needed.

We went to my aunt and uncle’s house for Christmas Eve. They live in the neighborhood I grew up in, so of course I had to go the long way to pass my old house… it’s changed a lot. They added onto it, built a deck, painted it, fixed up the yard.

The usual Christmas Eve dinner was in full effect. Italian from The Chateau. It’s the go-to restaurant in town for family gatherings, eat in or take out. Chicken parm, meatballs, toasted raviolis, fluffy thick slices of bread, penne, and ridiculously delicious sauce. Sauce, not gravy. I can not stand when people call spaghetti sauce “gravy” like it’s brown and made from meat drippings. Anyway.

Ate too much of that… then ate too many cookies. Way too many cookies.

There were 2 infants,  two 2 year olds, a 3 year old, and two 4 year olds. There were toys and crumbs of food everywhere. Running, chasing, yelling, a few crying spells, and lots of laughs. I am so happy we were able to see my family this year.

We spent the night in a hotel… There just wasn’t room for all of us to sleep comfortably, so we stayed at what turned out to be a really nice hotel a few minutes off the Mass Pike. It was a little weird waking up on Christmas morning in a hotel, but Rocco didn’t mind. I set up his stocking and a few gifts on the chair in the corner of the room, told him Santa left him stuff, and he was totally happy. He was actually more excited about the Annie’s Bunny Snacks and applesauce pouches in his stocking than anything else. I’m not against going batsh*t crazy with gifts, but they don’t know… especially at 2.

Christmas Day we drove to my cousin’s house… She lives in Western MA, about 90 miles from Boston. We spent a few days there. Kyla flew into Hartford on Friday so we went to pick her up.

We went bowling on Saturday… My boyfriend has never been candlepin bowling and he kept calling it “candlestick” bowling. He also kept forgetting to reset the pins after his turn because with “big ball” bowling it’s automatic. He still won even though he’d never done that kind before.  We only did one string because we had two toddlers with us and they were all over the place. As if it wasn’t enough that either one of them could lob a ball at any minute and crack someone’s skull, the balls were jumping off the track on their way back to the lane… It was pretty wild.

The other competition of the weekend – Upwords. We used to play that game non-stop on family vacations when we were kids so we dug it out from the basement. We even got crazy and allowed for unlimited letter stacking in the final round. Now I want to go out and buy it and play on New Year’s Eve. At this point I think that’s all I’m going to have energy for.

Sunday we drove back towards Boston and hung out at my brother’s house with his family and my sister, her daughter, and my dad. Then we went to The Chateau. Yes. the same place we ordered Christmas dinner from. I even got the same thing… and oreo ice cream pie. I felt very sick about an hour later, like stuffed beyond stuffed, but it was so good.

Sunday night was another hotel night… and it was not so good. Nothing wrong with the room, but we had to be up at 5am to go to the airport. Rocco picked up a cold along the way and was coughing a lot… he seemed feverish and was very uncomfortable. Not to mention I was in bed with both kids while Rick had a bed to himself.  I might have drifted off for 20 minutes or so, but I really didn’t get much sleep. Our flight was at 8am but we had to leave time to return the rental car, etc, so yeah… 5:30am we were out the door.

Smooth flight back… Rocco was good, sat on my lap nicely the whole time… Kyla insisted on changing the channel on the TV at her seat to coverage of the AsiaAir flight… I think she was doing it because she knew it was driving me nuts.

We were home by 11:30am. I took a nap on the couch for a few hours… while they basically unpacked all of their new stuff all over the livingroom. When I left for work the place was in absolute shambles and I’ve been informed that it’s no better now. The important thing is we had fun, the mess will get cleaned up eventually… By me, I’m sure.

I spent very little time on Facebook. I’m not going to say I gave it up all weekend, but I was on it much less than usual. I also forced myself to not update any websites or do any work other than the few shows I did have to get done while I was there. Now I feel like I’m out of the loop and need to catch up…

That is all. I just can’t wait to go home and go to bed….

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