Happy Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas Hustle Bustle

The title of this post should convey just how random it will be.

So first, let’s talk about this article that claims “This is the worst photo to post on Christmas morning” – the photo is a smiling child sitting next to his ginormous pile of new toys and gifts.

I get what this person is trying to say, “it’s not fair” that some people get more presents than others, and some people might feel bad if they’re having a rough year and couldn’t spoil their kids as much as the next guy. I get it. But it’s a ridiculous statement and a ridiculous sentiment.

Should I not post pictures of my children because some people can’t have them?

Should you not post pictures of your mom because mine passed away?

Should I not post selfies because someone else doesn’t feel confident enough to show her face?

Should my friends who run stop posting pictures of themselves running because it makes me feel like a lazy slob who doesn’t exercise?

Or is it my fault that I don’t exercise?

Is losing my mother my pain to deal with or is it your responsibility to not rub it in my face that you still have your mother and I don’t, neener, neener, neener.

You know, because of course when you post pictures of your mom, or your weight loss, or your children, or their new toys, you’re TOTALLY trying to show off and hurt other people who might not have a mother, who can’t seem to lose that extra 10lbs, don’t have kids, and couldn’t afford 17 American Girl dolls this year.

I think I’ve made my point. I am over the idea that your bad feelings about yourself and your situation are someone else’s fault and everyone should walk on eggshells to protect you. We can’t all live like that. If you are too sensitive to see other people enjoying life and being happy, get off social media.

Now for our Christmas plans… and why I’m a Christmas slacker.

I am bummed because I won’t have Kyla on Christmas. It’s her dad’s year, so they’re staying here. She’s flying up to Boston to join us the day after Christmas. Not how I want it, but it is what it is and she’ll enjoy the day with her dad. The last couple of years we have spent either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day getting her to the airport at some point and this year she’s staying put. I just wish it was with me.

Traveling with gifts is not an easy task. Thankfully Rocco is too little to know what is really going on, and Kyla won’t be with us, so we don’t have to worry about having the gazillion presents under the tree. I spent our Christmas money on our trip, so the gifts will be limited this year and I am totally OK with that. I downsized a ton when we moved and did some serious thinking about how much crap we have that we don’t need. That’s not to say they’re getting nothing, but I did not go crazy.

We also decided this year to just do gifts for the kids in my family… For years it was just Kyla… Then my cousins and my sister had kids and there were 4… Then there were 6… now there are 8… We did a Secret Santa for the 8 kids so now we’re each only buying 1 or 2 gifts. So much easier, so much cheaper, and there will still be plenty.

Now for the shocking news that may make some of you gasp… but I’m going to confess it anyway:

We didn’t bother getting a Christmas tree.

Kyla spends a lot of time at her dad’s. Rocco is too little to know what’s up. We left our Christmas decorations in Florida, sold our fake tree, so I would have been spending a ton of money just to put it up.. We are living in a pretty small apartment right now, didn’t know where we’d even put one… and since we aren’t even going to be here, I said screw it.

I also didn’t send Christmas cards this year.

I don’t think I did last year either.

I know, Bah Humbug.

This year I intended to but it just didn’t happen. Instead of stressing out and feeling guilty about it, trying to plan a time, get the kids to cooperate, getting them printed, mailed, paying for them, I just let it go… shook it off… maybe next year. Most of the people who I sent cards to are on Facebook anyway, and the ones who aren’t will see my kids in the flesh this year.

The important thing to me is seeing my family. I haven’t seen them in a year and a half, and haven’t spent Christmas with them in 3 years. I found out I was pregnant with Rocco the last time I was there for Christmas. I was sick and miserable the whole time.

Now I am starting to feel like this post is really boring and it might seem a little negative, but really I am perfectly OK with the low-key way we’ve handled Christmas this year. Very little stress, not breaking the bank, and just ready to enjoy some time with my family.

And now that it’s written, I’m thinking I could go viral if I went even more in depth about what little effort I actually put into Christmas this year. I did not bake a single cookie. I ate plenty, but didn’t make one. Didn’t hang a single decoration (again, they didn’t make it on the moving truck). Didn’t take the kids to see Santa. Rocco screamed bloody murder last year and Kyla is not interested (she knows what’s up). We did not welcome the Elf on the Shelf and his Tom Foolery. No stockings hung, no chimney anyway. I did buy one for Rocco today and it will be stuffed for him on Christmas morning… but it’s not on display.

While I do miss the feeling of Christmas and the decorations, I am totally OK with all of this. I don’t have to worry about taking any of it down later… In fact I didn’t put some of last year’s decorations away until I packed to move.. and then we never even moved them.

Slacker doesn’t begin to describe me I guess.

OK, I’m out.


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