Another Miserable Day in the Life…

That’s me when I was 14, pretending to be on the radio.

Happy Throwback Thursday.

I came home last night after staying at work late to finish up some better things… you know, like ACTUALLY being on the radio now that I ACTUALLY do the thing I aspired to do when I was younger. Misery, pure, utter, total, misery.

So I came home after a rough night of toiling away to find that someone had taken my reserved parking space. I pay $25 a month for that space gosh darn it and I really didn’t appreciate someone else taking it. It was nearly 2am, and it was cold, and I didn’t have my hat. I had to walk an extra 50 steps or so to get to my place.

I called and had that inconsiderate person’s car towed.

Nobody is going to break the rules in my apartment complex parking lot!

I should have called the police too!  Rules are RULES!

Just kidding. I left a note, just to let the person know this is my space, please don’t park here again.

It would have been great to ruin this person’s entire morning by making him late for work because he came outside to realize his car was gone.. it also would have taught him a lesson not to break the rules when he had to pay $100 to get his car back a week before Christmas. It would have been especially awesome if that $100 was supposed to pay for a child’s special Christmas gift….

Then I walked into my place, again this is at 2am, and before I even had a chance to put my comfy pants on, Rocco woke up crying.

“Mama!” he said all happy as soon as he saw me.

Ugh, seriously, an adorable 2 year old greeting me with a smile after a long night of work… Then we snuggled in bed while he watched Mickey Mouse Club because I knew he wouldn’t go back to sleep any time soon. The horror. The absolute horror.

Then Kyla, who hasn’t been feeling well, woke up coughing. I got up to get her some medicine and little Roc-man followed me… gabbing away, asking for a popsicle because I gave his sister one to soothe her throat. So sweet it just makes me angry.

I finally went to sleep around 4.

This morning, my gorgeous boyfriend got up and made pancakes so I could sleep for another hour.

I don’t know how I deal with this misery, I really don’t.

Now I’m up drinking my coffee working on a radio show I am doing today in California… filling in for someone this week while she’s on vacation. It’s really tragic how lacking my career is at this point. I don’t know how I am even living with myself, what, with nothing better to do!

For real though, the dishwasher needs to stop running so I can record this…


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