Have You Ever Wanted To Tell Someone Off… Twice?

Me too.

Haters gonna hate… some of them only hate with one of their two faces, you gotta love those people.


Hate on haters.

Hate on.

Here’s me with “nothing better to do” the other night…

I was all dolled up to sit behind my computer and pitch a hissy fit about teenagers doing what teenagers do in the old ‘hood.

What were you doing again?












That’s me with my bad attitude. I’m such a nasty person, look how mean I am.

Yeah that was me.

Totally all me.

Nothing better to do.

I’m so freaking glad you took the time on Facebook today to bring up my name again after I haven’t  had anything to do with anything that has to do with anything in months… You miss me, that is sweet.

If only you didn’t block me on Facebook again. Totally necessary, BT-dubs, considering I’ve never ever communicated with you in any way, shape, or form, via the profile I currently use, but it’s OK. If it made you feel big (haha) and you had a few spare minutes to swipe around and click BLOCK, that was awesome use of your time.

Remind me again how much time I’ve been wasting on negativity behind my electronic device.

I am taking 10 minutes to write this out because my blogs bitching about people always used to get a lot of hits and sometimes I get pissed off and want to vent. I’m human. It happens. Sometimes it’s actually kinda fun.

For the record, I do have better things to do tonight. A lot of them.

Focusing on negativity is not good, but sometimes when people are really ridiculous and really get under your skin, you can’t help but vent and address it because… well just because.

Drama gets attention and I like attention too.

Trim some hair. Talk sh*t.

Trim someone else’s hair. Talk sh*t again.

Trim more hair, talk more sh*t.

About someone you’ve never even met.

Trim the fat.

Then, make posts about how they won’t ever say anything to your face… I invited you over to chat.


You were afraid of me.

Scroll up, look at that beast!

No wonder you were afraid. I could take you, easily.

I love being ridiculous. I always took that as a compliment when you sent me unsolicited messages (on my other Facebook for those who are paying attention) to put me in my place.

Months later… just keep talking…

And while you’re at it…

Keep preaching…

Three marriages but tell everyone else how to be all moral and stuff.

Did I say that?  OMG.

Your family member contacted me to thank me for standing up to you, bigot.

Did I say that too? OMG.

There, I feel better.

Although, I do wish I had Mary Lambert’s Grammy-nomination-worthy poetic talent when it comes to expressing negative feelings…

I’ll just have to settle for having nothing better to do than interview her the other night.

What were you doing again?

Something better. More worldly. Cooler, funner.

Little, yellow, different, better… and way more positive.

That Wayne’s World gimmick was for you babe, you sexy stew-er, you.

Here’s something to talk about.

“She’s just jealous.”

“They’re just jealous.”

Shake It Off.

It’s Christmas.

Put that mistletoe over my ass and kiss it.

XO Bitches.

PS – Hate on.

PPS – I know funner is not a word. This is my prose.

PPPS – Don’t forget to screen shot this, as if you need a reminder.


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