Busy Busy Busy Day, Train, Mary Lambert, Matt Nathanson Tonight

We had a pretty busy weekend… and today has been a busy day.

I had to shop for a dress for our Christmas concert tonight AND for the company holiday party Thursday night. Can’t wear the same thing twice. I did get dresses that are the same color (black and gold) so I can wear the same shoes and some of the same jewelry. I never get dressed up so this was a big deal.

Kyla is going to her dad’s station concert tonight too (she picked Ariana Grande over Mary Lambert, she’s 10, whatever) so I had to take her shopping for an outfit. I am kinda bummed I won’t see her before she goes but her nanny promised she’ll take lots of pictures for me.

I am on some other stations besides my main station… filling in for someone this week on another one… and I have web responsibilities for all. Plus I sold a bunch of stuff on eBay and Facebook to make some extra loot for Christmas shopping so I have to handle all of that business too. Yes, I sell kids clothes on Facebook, it is so addicting… I will have to post about it another day.

Tonight is my radio station’s Christmas concert with Train, Mary Lambert, and Matt Nathanson. One of the other DJs and I will be interviewing Mary Lambert. I am very excited, she’s awesome. When she did a show for us a few months ago she did this cute little dance when she told us how much she loves Christmas.

My plan was to get some mistletoe but I don’t even know if I’ll have time at this point. I was also going to go get my nails touched up but that may not happen either.

My Dana’s Dirt reports start running on the FM news station in our cluster tomorrow morning too… Since I am not actually working tonight, I have to do it from home later. I probably could have said “I’m not in” and put it off… but I am excited to do it so it’ll get done. I am so happy to be working again and that things are picking up but I feel like I am abandoning my family at times.

Poor Rocco needs some attention from his mommy… he’s been pulling at me for an hour now… and Rick needs a break from him for a bit, so today… there won’t be any other posts here.

There’s only so much I can do in a day, right?




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