Michelle Duggar Helps Homophobic Bill Pass in Arkansas

Lots of celebrities use their money and power and influence to do good in the world.

Then there’s Michelle Duggar.

It always amazes me how the people who hold themselves up on a religious pedestal are the ones who so maliciously and purposefully hurt other human beings.

Perez Hilton is reporting that Michelle Duggar, matriarch of TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting”, donated $10,000 to help pass an Arkansas bill that will allow landlords and business owners to evict or fire people based on their gender identity.

The frumpy witch also made robocalls to voters in Fayetteville to make sure it passed.

I can think of a lot more Jesus-like things she could have done with $10,000 and her time, but I guess this is how she thought she could best serve God and humanity.

Why donate $10,000 worth of food to hungry kids when you can make sure transgender people get fired and tossed out on the street?




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