Miley Cyrus Lets Her Pets Poop All Over the House

I can’t be the only one who just kind of thinks that all mansions are immaculate at all times… When you think about the rich and famous, you think about their homes being perfectly decorated and perfectly clean, right?

Not so much for Miley Cyrus.

According to ContactMusic, Miley lives in absolute filth, with 6 dogs and a pet pig running wild and pooping all over the place.

Of course Miley has never had to clean up after herself, she has people that come over to take care of the mess, but apparently her new boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger is disgusted and wants her to potty train her animals.

”It’s hard to believe how messy her place is. Miley thinks it’s awesome to have six dogs or even more there at once, and don’t forget the pig. It’s like a true animal house. She’s never had to clean up after herself. Her habits are totally out of control. He’s pretty horrified by the standard of hygiene over at her place. Miley has been trying to make her dogs change their bad habits but it’s not something that happens overnight.”

When she’s not posting demented pictures on Instagram she occasionally shares photos of her pets.

Is anyone surprised by this?

Act like a pig… live like a pig.

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