Only In Florida: Woman Arrested After Fight with Her Sister Over Sex Toy

I miss Florida. I miss the sunshine, my neighborhood, Rick’s family, and my friends.

I miss my favorite radio station which shall not be named, and I miss the Florida news because it is always full of stories about trashy people doing ridiculously trashy things.

According to, a Manatee County woman was arrested and charged with battery after she and her sister got into an argument over a vibrator.

“When deputies arrived, they say Holly Ryan was on her balcony with blood on her face and her sister Heidi Creamer was outside the apartment, pounding in the locked front door and screaming obscenities. Deputies arrested Creamer, who told them she had been fighting with her sister about a vibrator and her boyfriend. Creamer tried to break free from the deputy during her arrest, according to an arrest affidavit.”

This isn’t the first time Creamer has been arrested. It wasn’t the second either.

I’m not even going to comment on her last name.


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