BREAKING NEWS: Leggings Are Not Pants!

What exactly does “leggings are not pants” mean?

It means exactly what it says. Leggings are NOT a pair of pants.  They are like heavy tights, they are not pants.

They are meant to cover your legs, they are not meant to be the sole piece of clothing (aside from panties – or God-willing a thong if you’re daring to wear them as pants) that covers your vajayjay and your tush.

This is me in what I would consider a cutting-it-close outfit. I was brave, I wore this, after taking a Facebook poll to make sure it looked OK.






















I am no fashionista. My clothing style is very basic. And not even basic in the #basic kind of way, basic in that I don’t even bother to wear a scarf.

However, I am a woman who can tell you with 100% certainty that no matter how great you think your leggings look as pants, they look gross.

They make other people feel uncomfortable.

They make you look like you forgot to finish getting dressed. Or that you forgot to look in the mirror to make sure your ass looked OK before you ventured out in public, because again, no matter how nice your ass is, it doesn’t look OK in those leggings-as-pants.

I can’t actually say that nobody wants to see you in your leggings-as-pants because there are a few dirty men who will ogle at the shape of your ass and think about doing things with you that you don’t want to know about.

Case and point:

I posted this picture on my Facebook yesterday:

Leggings as pants
Maybe leggings as pants aren’t such a bad look???? Hahahah I couldn’t imagine walking out of the house like this… yet so many women do…




















Followed by this one:

I mean who doesn't want to walk behind this at Target?
I mean who doesn’t want to walk behind this at Target?




















And then I received this message from a guy I was friends with in college who I haven’t talked to in several years:

“You look great.”

I said:

Lmfao wait til u see the others.. I can’t ******* stand leggings that show vagina.”

His response:

“I like that.”

So just FYI, when you go out wearing your leggings-as-pants, men who you may or may not want to attract are looking at you in a very dirty way. The most perverted looking creeper you walk by at Safeway is getting whiplash turning around to size up your buns as soon as he’s forced to stop staring at your crotch.

Everyone else is thinking, “fix yourself girl, you’ve got a camel toe.”

Another response to my post:

“If you got it, flaunt it!”

OK, maybe, but if you got it, can’t you leave something to the imagination by wearing an actual pair of pants?  Then those who want to imagine it can dream about it and those who don’t want to see it can be spared the sight? Some people look really fabulous in a bathing suit, but does that mean we should dress like we’re off to the beach instead of on a Target run?

So maybe those first few pictures aren’t so bad, but how about these?

Does this look good? Because if you go out wearing leggings with a top that does not completely cover your private areas, this is what you probably look like, give or take a couple of jiggles.

Leggings as pants


















It’s not cute.

And this is downright offensive to anyone with any standard of modesty.


Leggings as pants camel toe






So please, knock it off.

Cover your ass.

Cover your vagina/vulva/lady part.

Wear a skirt, or a long shirt, or a tunic, shorts, ACTUAL pants, or something other than leggings as if they are pants, because again, one final time, say it with me:


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