Oh Hell No, Casey Anthony Wants Another Baby!!

Now this is according to the National Enquirer so I’m going to just hope that it’s a big bunch of bull… But you never know.

Casey Anthony is apparently getting ready to come out of hiding and find herself a new baby daddy.

That’s right, she wants another kid.

And who might the lucky guy be?

One of the many men who wrote to her while she was in jail!

The tabloid claims she’s sifting through the letters she received while she was in jail and is going to try to find the one with the most money so she’ll be well taken care of.

What would happen if she were to actually get pregnant. I mean, I know she was found “not guilty” and all, but any sane person knows she did it and it would be absolutely disastrous to allow her to be responsible for another child.

Ugh. Just, no. No.

She’s also apparently been working in Longwood, FL as a housekeeper for one of the attorneys who defended her.

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