Scott Stapp Public Statement #3: ‘Heads are Getting Ready to Roll’


Scott Stapp from Creed has posted another video.

In this one he talks about how we’ve taken God and Christianity out of schools but we’ve made room for Muslims to practice their religion.

He also shouts out to his son Jagger, telling him “the truth’s gonna come out son, God is on our side.” Jagger took to Twitter yesterday to let everyone know his father has been on a “9 week binge” and has again opted to choose “drugs over his family.”

So, um, yeah, Scott Stapp, I’m sure your son will appreciate the YouTube holla, but you should probably check yourself into rehab if you really want to show your kids you love them.

At least he appears a little less haggard in this one.


And in case you missed Public Statement #2, live from the Boca Raton Police Station on Thanksgiving, here it is:


He’s also set up a Fundly account to raise money for a 3rd album and a fiction novel!

In 24 hours he’s raised $667… Is anyone aware of the fact that this guy has a serious drug problem according to his wife and son and that any money donated will be inhaled, snorted, or injected?

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