Pooping Pig Kicked Off American Airlines Flight in Hartford

If you thought crying babies and yipping dogs were the worst possible passengers to be stuck sitting next to on a plane, think again.

A woman in Hartford, CT attempted to bring a PIG on her flight Wednesday morning.

Passengers started freaking out as she sat down with a large, stinky, moving duffel bag.

Shock turned to disgust when the pig pooped, unleashing an unbearable stench throughout the aircraft.

Flight attendants eventually told the woman she would have to remove the pig.

So how did a pig get on a plane in the first place?

It was apparently considered an “emotional support animal” and the passenger provided documentation from a mental health professional stating that she needed the pig for her emotional well-being.

Thankfully the pig didn’t fly… imagine all of the things that would have happened if it did?

Robert Phelps
Robert Phelps


Read the hilarious full story at The Hartford Courant.


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