Look at Kanye West pulling up his pants… This is being called a “wardrobe malfunction” but based on the fact that he’s getting out of the back seat of a car with Kim Kardashian I’m gonna guess he was just getting dressed after she worked her magic on him.  It wasn’t an accident that they were down.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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Fame Pictures

Stacy Kiebler suffered a bit of a wardrobe malfunction while out on the town with George Clooney.  Luckily she had pasties on so all we see is tape!


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Janet Jackson is having some luck – and I’m attributing it to the Irish as she performed in Dublin. 

And yes, I am talking about the wardrobe malfunction with Justin Timberlake a few years ago at the Super Bowl…  Luckily she didn’t suffer any malfunctions that we know of during her concert.

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Kate Moss Rips Her Dress

Kate Moss, Dress, Paris, France, Dinner,

Jesus Christ Kate!  I know you like your fiance, Jamie Hince a lot, but sheesh, at least wait until you’re in the hotel room with him! Haha.

Apparently Kate Moss ripped her dress while on a dinner Date with her fiance in Paris at Iraspoutinei Restaurant.

I wonder what kind of freaky stuff they were up to!


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Janet Jackson had another wardrobe malfunction!!  It happened on the red carpet at the Why Did I Get Married Too? premiere in London.  Nice full coverage bra.  Lesson learned apparently… right?

Because obviously this one wasn’t nearly as intentional as the first!!!!

She’s probably wearing a sheer shirt that isn’t THAT sheer in the flashing lights…

Speaking of the first, it’s been several years… and it’s one of those “I remember where I was and who  I was with” when it happened LOL!  Anyway, here’s the clip of the original – magic happens at 1:17.

Stone Face Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston Arriving At The Wembley Studios

Is Whitney Houston on her way to being the next Michael Jackson… I mean clearly she’s not Michael, but she had some pretty awesome music back in the day and then she turned to wack crack and wack Bobby Brown and she is now trying to make a comeback… She looks pretty healthy, but she just has this sad and angry look about her.  Hard life she chose, so sad.

She had a WARDROBE MALFUNCTION while filming the show – click here to see it, love Popeater!!

Photos: Flynet Pictures

Britney: “My p**** is showing!”

Britney show Tampa, FL

Here are a bunch of pictures my friend Rachel took at the Britney show here in Tampa last night…

Poor Britney had a wardrobe malfunction, it happened back stage but the sound guy forgot to turn her mic off so the whole crowd heard her yell:

“My pu**y is showing!”

CLICK HERE to see the video just posted!!!

Who knew Britney even had a live mic considering she doesn’t sing!!

Jessica Biel at Bryant Park

Jessica Biel arrived at Justin Timberlake’s fashion show at Bryant Park… is it just me or is that top a little see-thru??  I can’t see much… but the photo captions all say it’s a malfunction.  Whatever.

Photos: Splash News Online