A New Jersey woman is facing child endangerment charges for taking her 5 year old daughter to a tanning bed.  The woman, who clearly tans entirely too much herself, says she would never put her child in a hot tanning bed.. But the little girl showed up at school with second degree burns and told her teacher she got them when she went tanning with her mom.  The woman is trying to claim it’s a misunderstanding and says the child got a sun burn in the back yard.  She did admit to taking the child to the tanning salon but says she waits outside and has never been in the actual tanning booth.


I’m gonna call BS on this woman! I guess maybe it is wrong to judge based on the excessive amount of tanning she does, but clearly the woman is delusional in her thinking… Anyone who believes she looks good with brown leather skin like that could very possibly be crazy enough to put her fair skinned 5 year old child in the tanning bed… Plus, the little girl said she got the burns in the tanning bed. She’d have to be outside for a long time to get 2nd degree burns!

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