WTF is on your face Nicole Richie?

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What the HELL kind of glasses is she wearing?  Seriously, did Nicole Richie steal from the  “Pink Lady” wardrobe from Grease?  Apparently they’re Chanel but I swear I thought she had aged 30 years when I first saw the photo.  They are NOT very attractive on her.  She looks like Joan freakin’ Rivers.

She’s in France too, isn’t there some kind of law against bad fashion there?  Oh wait, they have berets.  Nevermind.

ANG/Fame Pictures

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Lady GaGa, CES, Electronics, Consumer Electronics, Cameras, Polaroid

Lady GaGa is hanging out (of all places) at The Annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas at the Polaroid booth.  Really? I think she’s a little too famous to be working as a booth girl at a convention, but fans crowded the Polaroid booth to get a glimpse of GaGa as she unveiled Camera Glasses.

They’re sunglasses that double as a camera.  Sounds like the perfect endorsement for Lady GaGa!


Videos and Photos Courtesy of Big Al

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