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Nick Lachey Allegedly Sent Jessica Simpson A Baby Gift

I’m gonna call BS on this story… Here’s the deal. claims a source told them that Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo sent Jessica Simpson a baby gift – a big basket of pink cookies.

First of all, have they seen what she looks like lately?  Cookies are the last thing she needs.

But here’s why I am pretty sure the story is fake anyway:

They mention the name of the cookie place where the gift allegedly came from, complete with a link to it… So I’m thinking someone from the cookie place contacted the website, knowing they don’t really care if the story is true or not, and said they had just delivered the cookies… Oh and by the way can you make sure you credit us by linking to our cookie business?

I could be wrong… but check this out, what do you think?


Vanessa Minnillo Tweets Pic Of Baby Bump

Vanessa Minnillo is now 5 months pregnant and Tweeted a picture of her baby bump – and her adorable little dog – on Saturday.

She told Us Weekly she’s been a “bitch” lately because of pregnancy hormones but that her hubby Nick Lachey has been very understanding and expects it to get worse as she gets further along.

How much do you wanna bet she ends up doing a naked pregnant girl magazine cover…


Richard Branson’s Home Burns, Kate Winslet Escaped Fire

Kate Winslet was spending some time at the home of Sir Richard Branson in the British Virgin Islands when a fire broke out.  The home is destroyed.

Lightning struck the house in the middle of a strong storm.  About 20 people, including Branson’s family and 90 year old mother, were visiting.  Kate actually helped carry his mum to safety!

This is the house where Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minillo got married!!


Fame Pictures

Sunday Dirt

Crap.  The weekend is almost over already.  Here’s some dirt to cheer you up:

Biz Markie and Jeff Goldblum performed “Just a Friend” on Fallon.  Hilarious.

Kanye West is SO MAD at Matt Lauer that he won’t perform on The Today Show.

On top of all the weird crap going on in Demi Lovato’s life, now her TV show laid her off.

Taylor Momsen blames her parents for EVERYTHING.  Nooooooo.  Who would’ve guessed?

If Jessica Simpson might cry if she sees these pics of Nick and Vanessa Minnillo.

Nick & Vanessa strolling arm in arm…

Nick & Vanessa so happy together!

I can just hear the “So Happy Togeeettthhherrrr” song in my head looking at this picture of Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo totally NOT broken up!

Unless they’re trying to fool us, but why would they even bother…

Nick & Vanessa together!

She's like we did not break up!

Nick & Vanessa out on the town last night… I guess they didn’t break up!  This doesn’t look like some just for show situation… They are cute!

I didn’t really think they broke up, maybe they just got into a fight or something but it looks like everything is cool now…


Carrying her over the threshold!!

My baby daddy interviewed Nick Lachey on Tuesday, and my little girl Kyla was there to hang out… There she is in Nick Lachey’s arms…. how JEALOUS ARE YOU??

It’s so funny, my kid will be 5 next month, she met Sting when she was in the womb, she’s hung out with Wyclef, played Vanessa Carlton’s piano, and stuck her stinky foot in Nick Lachey’s face… and she has no idea. It’s hilarious.

So here’s the interview… is Vanessa Minnillo pregnant or not?

Nick Lachey Uncut and Raw from Clear Channel on Vimeo

Nick Lachey without Vanessa uh oh.

Nick & some blonde!

Nick Lachey seems to be enjoying his vacation in the Bahamas WITHOUT Vanessa Minnillo… That girl TOTALLY wants him!!!!  His hand is in his pocket though, so what does that mean?  Her body language is all towards him, but he’s playing it cool… And I think he just can’t help that flirty smirk on his face, he always looks like that.

Photos: Splash News Online