Situation Say It Ain’t So!

We have already lost Vinny from the Jersey Shore for the upcoming season – but Mike “the Situation” Sorrentino may be thinking about leaving the beach house now too!

I need to be able to watch people make money for drinking, partying and just being dumb some nights – and what is better than watching the Jersey Shore!?

The Situation hasn’t come right out to say that he is going to leave the show sooner than he is supposed to, but he has been insinuating that there may be a change of scenery in his near future. 

If the Situation leaves the show who is going to be the creepy guy that can’t walk a straight line when he’s sober who picks up girls at the club ten years younger than he is!?  I am not going to allow him to go home – he needs to stay!

And if not for me to watch, Mike needs to stay at the beach house to ensure that he finished out his contract and gets the money that he will be living off of for the rest of his life… 

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Snookie’s Punishment

Well I told you yesterday that out dear Snookie got into a bit of a fender bender with the Italian police, and today there is more information.

First of all – if you see Snookie in a neck brace it’s supposed to be a joke.  She wasn’t injured enough to be required to wear a neckbrace.  With some luck though maybe they’l get her to stop wearing mismatched, stripped knee socks with flip flops as part of her revocery.

Second – Snookie can’t drive legally anymore in Italy.  In Florence when you are in an accident you have your driver’s lincense taken away from you.  This means that the boys of Jersey Shore and JWow are probably going to be the only ones driving again.  (I haven’t seen anyone drive other than them during previous seasons.)

Third – Snookie could be sued.  The police car that Snookie hit wasn’t just any police car.  This police car belonged to the police duo that was hired to follow the cast around the city.  The police duo have been given a week off of work to recoup after their minor injuries.  And the interesting part of all of this is that the police duo has 90 days to decide if they want to sue Snookie privately. 

Oh goodness Snookie.  We can dress her up but we just can’t take her out.

O.  I nearly forgot.  Since the cast of Jersey Shore has been in Italy they’ve gotten more than 300 euros worth of traffic violations.  I think I am going to stay far away from them driving anywhere.

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Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was in NYC promoting her new book “Shore Thing” today.  She seems to be determined to break the “Jersey Shore Book Curse” (The Situation’s book only sold like 4,000 copies in it’s first month)  She was accompanied by her boyfriend, Jionni LaValle.

One thing’s for sure, she’s doing a much better job of promoting her book.  Yesterday she went on a Radio tour and did interviews with dozens of radio shows including nationally syndicated shows.

In other Snooki news, apparently she doesn’t want to be called “Snooki” anymore.  She just wants to be called Nicole Polizzi.  Yeah, sorry honey, it’s a little late to change your name.  It didn’t work for Prince, and it won’t work for you.

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