Well looks like People Magazine wasn’t kidding

These are pictures of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher buying flowers together this weekend.

Love her super tight pants and his red socks with shorts!

Wonder how long this fling will last?

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A few weeks ago we saw pictures of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher out together – so everyone called it a date.

Then within days Mila’s people denied it, saying they’ve been friends for years and there is absolutely nothing romantic between them.

Well now People Magazine is reporting that Ashton & Mila spent the weekend together in a little town outside of Santa Barbara!  According to their source, they drove there from LA together, stayed in the same hotel room, had sushi for lunch, shopped, and went out for coffee in the morning before leaving town together…

I don’t know about you but I don’t do things like that with guys I am “just friends” with!  Maybe “friends with benefits” but not JUST FRIENDS.

They’re also reporting that a friend of Ashton’s says he’s had a crush on her for ages and it’s not surprising that this is finally happening!

All I gotta say to Mila is “ONCE A CHEATER ALWAYS A CHEATER!”


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The big rumor of the day has already been shot down!

A rep for Mila Kunis says they are not dating, they are friends.

They got together with a group of people for sushi the other night – nothing shady going on!


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According to X17 Online, former “That 70’s Show” co-stars are hooking up for real!  They have pictures of them on a date the other night.

What girl would want to touch him after all those nasty cheating stories about him?  He met some chick in a bowling alley and allegedly got it on with her!  Never ceases to amaze me how known cheaters still get beautiful women!

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Mila Kunis Attends Marine Corps Ball

Mila Kunis attended the Marine Corps Ball in Greenville, NC with Sgt. Scott Moore.  He was the first to start the “ask a celebrity to go to the ball with me on YouTube” trend… She said yes… Then Justin Timberlake was invited to one – he went last week and said it changed his life!

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Today’s Best Dirt…

Adam Lambert VS the Paparazzi!

Kate Gosselin bigger hair – and bigger boobs - in 2010!

Carrie Underwood becoming a movie star?

Matt LeBlanc smoking a LaJoint!

Justin Timberlake is to Brad Pitt as Jessica Biel is to Jennifer Aniston as Mila Kunis is to Angelina Jolie?  Looks that way!

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JT & Mila Kunis on set

They look so happy and flirty together!

Jessica Biel probably wouldn’t be able to help but scowl at these photos!  I WOULD!!

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis are working on the set of “Friends With Benefits” – who doesn’t love a good FWB??

Fame Pictures

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