Lindsay and Michael are Happy

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Both Lindsay and Michael Lohan were spotted smiling ear to ear yesterday.  Both seem to be in great spirits after they had their heart to heart on Sunday.

Lindsay left her Sober Living home in Southern California to go on a supervised trip to get some coffee, and she actually looks presentable.  A far cry from the disgusting mess that walked into the Beverly Hills Courthouse.  Sobriety is doing wonders for her.

Michael was spotted shopping in SoCal grinning ear to ear while chatting with Photographers.

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Fame Pictures

Whodathunk.  Lindsay Lohan and Michael Lohan actually met face to face.

Yeah I know, I thought the same thing!  The two are said to have had a long conversation inside the Betty Ford Clinic, and then went shopping in a Street fair nearby on Sunday.

Of course, that shopping trip included a long stop at the Jewelry Store.  Lindsay is reportedly looking forward to seeing Michael again.

So what are Lilo’s motives?  If she has any…

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Lindsay’s Locked Up!

Look at those plump lips and that tan!!!

Yeah perhaps I’m a bit late on this… I was at work while she was being escorted to the courthouse.

Her dad was there though, so that’s all that really matters to Lilo.

Seriously, he knows how much she hates him – why was he there???  Other than to get his long sad old face and his hussy girlfriend’s in the press.  Lindsay Lohan is to cokewhore as Michael Lohan is to famewhore.


Lindsay & Mom leave court…

Lindsay Lohan finally showed up in court yesterday with her protective (HA!) mother at her side!  Let’s assume it went well since she left the court room smiling… She had to give a deposition about the crazy druken car ride of 2007 – remember she hopped in someone’s SUV and took a few guys for a joy ride??  She’s being sued on top of the criminal charges stemming from the incident.

On May 20 she is expected back in court for a hearing about her alcohol education issues – I don’t think she gets points for continuing to educate herself by drinking more, but we’ll see how it goes.

Meanwhile daddy Michael Lohan was back in LA with his girlfriend Kate Major – he’s trying to get a conservatorship.  Why not try – Jamie Spears is still taking a nice hefty paycheck every week from Britney’s fortune… oh wait, Lindsay doesn’t have a fortune, he must really care!!!

And let me point out that his current girlfriend looks a LOT like his ex-wife!!

Kate Major… Dina Lohan…

Photos: Fame Pictures

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Michael Lohan, publicity whore!

Michael Lohan graced TMZ with his presence earlier today to talk about the ongoing war/pending intervention with his daughter Lindsay…

He showed up at her door with the cops  to check on his younger daughter Ali – she’s 16.  Michael heard that Lindsay drove her home at 115mph after Coachella the other night and felt he needed to something… Ya think??

Lindsay then took to Twitter to blast her “ex-father”…

I mean, what the hell is a 16 year old who has 2 living parents doing with her mess of a sister like she’s her guardian???

Michael is even trying to put a conservatorship in place a la Jamie & Britney Spears!  Think it’ll work??  And where’s Dina?  Doesn’t she even give a rip??

Oh, and the broad with him is his fiance Kate Major.

Click here to read more about the Twitter messages and the whole Mich-Lo vs. LiLo debacle!

Click here to see Michael talking to Harvey from TMZ.

Douchebags UNITE!

Douchebags in the Hamptons

I can’t believe these two are even allowed in the Hamptons!  Don’t they have a hoity toity reputation to uphold?  Any credibility Jon Gosselin may have had is now out the window – he’s found friendship in Michael Lohan!!????  They were out the other night with their hos too.  Bizarre.

PODCAST: Friday April 3

Michael Lohan’s latest obnoxious rant about Lindsay, Sam, and Dina… What’s wrong with Charlie Sheen’s baby… Is Amy Winehouse clean for good… Lady Gaga signed a guy’s WHAT???

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Lilo & Sam cartoon art…

Lilo Art, or something.

Watch the video…

And check out Celebrity Smack for an interesting article about this artwork inspired by Lindsay Lohan!

It’s sad, I actually had hope for Lindsay but she’s on the down and down now…

I love how Michael Lohan, who Lindsay hates, is constantly defending her and saying that Samantha is “toxic” and the cause for all of Lindsay’s problems.  To my knowledge, Sam hasn’t been in trouble with the law, she’s never OD’d or been in rehab, nor has she really appeared to… at least not since I’ve been paying attention to her.  You don’t see her flirting with other girls or making out with other girls, so as far as faithfulness goes she’s not doing anything to hurt Lindsay… if anything, Lilo is the cheater… so what the hell is her problem??

And Lindsay should probably stop hating on her dad so much, he’s really the only one sticking up for her at all!!!