Marc Anthony has filed for divorce from Jennifer Lopez.  He requested joint legal and physical custody of their twins Max & Emme and doesn’t want to pay spousal support.  I think J-Lo can handle herself without it…

They got married in 2004 – I didn’t realize it had been that long… 7 years is pretty good for a celebrity couple!

Take a look back on their relationship… J-Lo pregnant with Max & Emme, pics of the kids during happier times, and some J-Lo & Marc PDA!

Have you seen her orgy video with her back up dancer boyfriend alleged husband Casper Smart???

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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony attended the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony for American Idol creator Simon Fuller.  They couldn’t keep their lips off each other… what do you think of J-Lo’s dress?

Fame Pictures

Jennifer Lopez, New York, White House, Super Bowl

Jennifer Lopez and hubby Marc Anthony are going to be spending SuperBowl Sunday The Big Day, watching The SuperBowl “The Big Game” at the Whitehouse with the first family.

AAR/Fame Pictures

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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony renewed their vows in 2008, said them for the 1st time in 2006, and now they’re celebrating their 6 year anniversary by doing it AGAIN.

Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott did it on May 9, Fergie & Josh did it n January – after he cheated on her, Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon did it before they’d even been married a year I think!  And I’m sure there are more.  Heidi & Seal.

I guess it’s cute, but aren’t people supposed to just have one wedding and say it one time and that’s supposed to last?  Is it annoying or awesome?  I know people who have done this too and it’s like you’ve only been married a few years compared to a lifetime… what’s the deal – this is a growing trend!!

J-Lo & Marc with the twins

Max & Emme are spitting images of their parents.  And they are very well dressed!!  Pretty soon Emme will be rockin’ the Suri Cruise heels!!

Here’s the thing, shouldn’t they have life jackets on?  Any time we had Kyla on a boat, even a bigger one, she always wore a life vest!!

Fame Pictures, Bauer-Griffin

J-Lo & Marc out on the town

Marc Anthony took his leggy wife J-Lo out for a night on the town… They are just a down to earth normal couple, really!

She is STILL Jenny from the block, that’s what he loves about her!!!

Photos: Fame Pictures

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J-Lo, Marc, and a baby.

J-Lo & Marc posing with baby, it's not theirs

J-Lo & Marc Anthony went out to dinner last night without the twins… but as they were leaving the restaurant they were bombarded by fans, one in particular who begged them to hold his baby and pose for a picture… so they did it.  Aren’t they sweet?  They look happier than they did a few months ago when we saw pictures of him scolding her!

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The My Wife is Bigger Than Me Club…

These pictures of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon at some Museum Gala inspired me to compose this really mean post.

The “My Wife Is Bigger Than Me Club” gallery… If you have any good ones, let me know.

I think Mariah & Nick have replaced J-Lo & Marc Anthony as the king & queen of this phenomenon… Tom & Katie have to be included, but she’s just tall…

Seriously, have you ever seen that dude Beetlejuice on the Howard Stern show?  The dude with the REALLY small head?  Nick Cannon looks like Beetlejuice next to Mariah and her big ginormous MELON!!

OK, I’m going to hell now… I’ll be back later…

Photos: Splash News Online