Hump Day Dirt

Michael Lohan said he wouldn’t talk to the media.  We all knew it wouldn’t last.

Owen Wilson wants Lady GaGa to do the Zoolander Sequel.  Rad.

Amber Portwood released from jail.  God help us.

Ashley Greene was Afraid of Santa Claus… I’m sorry, that one just speaks for itself. Hahaha.

Bristol Palin bought a house.  Aww, she thinks she’s all mature and stuff.  That’s so cute.  (God I can’t wait for her reality check!)

Alanis Morissette gave birth!

Is Lily Allen Engaged?

Kelly Osbourne BLASTS her Ex on Twitter.  Then quits Twitter.  Aww.

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Lady GaGa’s Revealing Outfit

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Lady GaGa decided to go with something a little more… revealing yesterday while shopping at Bruce Fields.  It was REALLY cold outside, but that didn’t seem to bother her!

ANG/Fame Pictures

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Lady GaGa gets Groped in Paris

Groping, Boobs, Breasts, Lady GaGa, Paris, France, Fashion, Glasses, Style

GaGa was freezing her butt off in Paris, and while she was shaking hands, hugging and taking pictures with fans, someone groped her yesterday.

Some freaky french guy just grabbed her boob, and it looks like she really didn’t react.

GaGa was PISSED OFF on Sunday when ALL 28 of the trucks carrying the stage, equipment, supplies, and lights were detained by French authorities after they ignored orders and continued driving during a massive snow storm.  Her show on Sunday was postponed and is expected to go on today as planned.

ANG/Fame Pictures

Greyson Chance Performs in Paris

Greyson Chance, Greyson Michael Chance, Ellen, Lady GaGa, Youtube, Viral Video

YouTube Sensation, Greyson Chance performed over the weekend in Paris France at the Aquarium de Paris.  He’s best known for his cover of Lady GaGa’s “Paparazzi” and was featured on Ellen, where he spoke with GaGa via telephone.

ANG/Fame Pictures

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The Future Castle of Lady GaGa?

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Lady GaGa is rumored to be looking at one of the most expensive properties in the Scotland.  It’s listed at 8 Million Pounds (about 15 Million bucks depending on the exchange rate) and has 34,585 square feet of interior space, more than 60 rooms including a GIGANTIC reception area.  It also has more than 35 fireplaces, a 1,300 sq ft ballroom, a gunroom and three kitchens.

It’s absolutely gorgeous and it’s fit for royalty, which makes it perfect for Gaga.  Curbed is saying that she’s actually signed contracts to buy the estate.  We’ll have to wait and see.

Target/Fame Pictures

Lady GaGa in London

Lady Gaga, London, Hotel, Fashion

I love Lady GaGa’s crazy outfits, and I know I’ve uttered “WTF are you WEARING GIRL?!?!?” a few times, but this is just plain disappointing.

It looks like something a 6th grader would make in Home Economics for a sewing project.  GaGa, you can do better than that.

Barcroft/Fame Pictures

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GaGa and Anderson Cooper?

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Lady Gaga and Anderson Cooper met up while GaGa was filming in London on the South Bank.

Now I’ve heard all the rumors about Anderson Cooper being (allegedly) gay.  So I don’t know what to think, but look at the way he looks at her.  Do I sense some sort of connection?

Barcroft/Fame Pictures

Ooh La La, Grey GaGa

Lady Gaga, Fashion, London, Travel, Hair, Hair Products, Model, Landmark Hotel, Hotel,

Lady GaGa decided to “go grey” yesterday.  She was spotted leaving the gorgeous Landmark Hotel in London, England.

Cool Grandmas everywhere are now rushing to the hairdressers to look like GaGa.

Barcroft/Fame Pictures