Lady Gaga Leaving “The View”

Lady Gaga was decked out in houndstooth for her appearance on “The View” this morning.

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Well, so far anyway… Fox News is asking which celebrity people are most sick of and as of right now Lady Gaga is beating Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan, Kate Middleton, and others.  Here she is in her underwear and Mickey Ears.  How can anyone tire of this??

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Today’s Hot Links

Justin Timberlake’s mother once walked in on him doing something quite private…

The least sexy phone accessory you probably already have.

Emily is coming back as the bachelorette, on The Bachelorette.

Justin Bieber isn’t that big of a hit after all.

Lady Gaga isn’t happy with how she was born.

Canada gave what to Kate Middleton – wait, Duchess of Cambridge…

?Ryan Phillippe could have a new baby.

Kristie Alley smokes off her fat.

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Today’s Hot Links

Resse Witherspoon has a tummy tattoo?!

Weston Cage is in trouble again…  And this time it’s a strange domestic dispute.

Is fame destroying Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart?

Sending Lindsay lohan was wrong, just wrong…  According Lindsay that is.

Ladt Gaga performed a mini concert in Taiwan.

Hollywood reacts to “not guilty” via Twitter.

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Love and Charlie – O Lovely.

What happens at Charlie Sheen’s house does not always stay at Charlie Sheen’s house – it’s not like Vegas people.

While this happened in the mid-90’s it does not sound good at all.  Everyone knows that Courtney Love had, and maybe still has, a heroin addiction but what we didn’t know is that she went to Charlie’s house to party with the Hollywood party boy.

In the mid-90’s Courtney was already widowed by Kurt Cobain, so she moved to L.A. in an attempt to stay clean.  And then she became addicted to heroin when a well-connected friend brought her to Charlie’s for a party.  And who else was there?  Tom Cruise and Madonna. 

This is just getting better.

At the time, singer friend Jennifer Linch convinced Courtney to shoot up for the first time. 

Luckily – especially for her daughter – Courtney kicked the habit in 1996, excluding one episode in July 2005 when she nearly jumped off Lenny Kravitz’s roof in NYC and was taken to the psych ward of NYC’s Bellevue hospital. 

This is where it gets really good.

Courtney has some advice for the current stars in music – like Lady Gaga.  She’s afraid that they will end up in a lifetime of loneliness.  And does Courtney mean it.

“I’m worried about her future,” Love says of the singer, 25. “She’s very young, and she’s very talented, but she doesn’t seem to have any female friends. Or any straight guy friends for that matter. Instead, she surrounds herself with this coterie of gay stylists and advisors who’ve turned her into this weird, sexless Barbie doll….If she doesn’t watch out she’ll turn into a lonely drag queen. Straight guys just aren’t in to that kind of thing.”

On the upside, Courtney got some good advice from a friend that she wanted to share too.  Thankfully Gwyneth Paltrow told her “Once you’re A-list, you’re always A-list.”

I don’t agree with that – because sometimes we wish the stars that were on the A-List would just stop being in front of the camera as often.

Courtney has had it tough for a long time, but she does seem to be cleaning up her act a lot and trying hard to be good.  Here’s to hoping that she is going to keep it up and continue to share all the secrets of her wild and crazy past!

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Gaga is Top

Contrary to what some people believe – I actually do like Lady Gaga; I just think that she dresses ridiculously.

But what I think doesn’t matter much because she has managed to bump Oprah from Forbes Annual Celebrity 100 list.  Yup, Oprah was knocked out of the top spot for the third time in the last seven years. 

Gaga got to the #1 spot because she has mastered all media.  Seriously.  She has everyone knowing who she is – thanks to her ridiculous outfits that I cannot stand.

There was $90 million earned from her monster tour, 32 million Facebook fans, 9.5 million Twitter followers – aka Little Monsters – who downloaded 1 million digital copies of “Born This Way” in just five days.  And don’t leave out that people are also happy to buy MAC makeup, Monster headphones and the Virgin Mobile phones that she features in her videos.

Other celebs on the list this year following Lady Gaga at #1 and Oprah at #2 are Justin Bieber #3, U2 at #4, Sir Elton John at #5, Tiger Woods at #6, Taylor Swift at #7, Bon Jovi at #8, Simon Cowell at #9 and at #10 is Lebron James.

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Lady Gaga is a Pop Culture Expert

Lady Gag is a pop culture expert. Sorry. I am serious on this, kind of. Well, not really. But we’re going to pretend anyway.

I have to admit, that Lady Gaga does know about pop culture – after all, she is pop culture right now.  But to say that she is an expert and give her her own column in a magazine may be over doing it just a little bit.  The upside to this is that it is only a monthly column, in a magazine that is published monthly. 

Her debut is being made in the Asain edition of V Magazine, but I found an snipet that you might like to read…

“Glam culture is ultimately rooted in obsession, and those of us who are truly devoted and loyal to the lifestyle of glamour are masters of its history. Or, to put it more elegantly, we are librarians.” She continues, “I myself can look at almost any hemline, silhouette, beadwork or heel architecture and tell you very precisely who designed it after them, and what cultural and musical movement parented the birth, death, and resurrection of that particular trend.”

This goes on for two full pages.  I think that she knows what she is talking about, however I hardly think that she had any style because of the things that she wears.  Seriously.  An outfit made of meat?  Being in an egg?  That really doesn’t scream style to me, pop culture possibly (there are going to be kids going to their prom this year in eggs) – it all screams crazy.

Whateve.  I’m not her stylist, that would be a tiresome job.  A morning conversation would probably consist of “What would you like to wear today?  Balloons?  Grapes?  Bubbles?  How about a suit made of vegetables?”  Yeah.  Fun.

All right.  I’m done with that.  I like her music before I hear it too much.

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Lady GaGa, CES, Electronics, Consumer Electronics, Cameras, Polaroid

Lady GaGa is hanging out (of all places) at The Annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas at the Polaroid booth.  Really? I think she’s a little too famous to be working as a booth girl at a convention, but fans crowded the Polaroid booth to get a glimpse of GaGa as she unveiled Camera Glasses.

They’re sunglasses that double as a camera.  Sounds like the perfect endorsement for Lady GaGa!


Videos and Photos Courtesy of Big Al

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