Lady Gaga In Neon Green Dress

Holy bright neon fluorescent green dress Gaga!

OK and what is up with the hair?  It’s like her extensions have extensions.

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Lady Gaga Meat Dress 2.0

Lady Gaga performed in Japan the other night and had her photographer snap this picture of her on stage, surrounded by meat, in a new meat dress.

I can’t believe PETA hasn’t come after her yet…

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Lady Gaga Guest Stars On The Simpsons

I don’t even remember the last time I watched an episode of  The Simpson but the 23rd season finale is coming up in a few weeks and Lady Gaga will be guest starring to cheer Lisa up.

Here’s the promo.

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Lady Gaga’s Ultra Long Rainbow Hair

Lady Gaga just left Japan with crazy long rainbow hair.

Did you see the tea cup she drank out of that sold at auction for $75,000?

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Lady Gaga Dumped Taylor Kinney

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney dated for about 10 months but apparently he’s not the one she wants to make baby monsters with… According to The Daily Mail, Lady Gaga told Taylor Kinney she’s done with him.  She’s going on tour and knows she won’t have time for him.  Friends also claim he was too narcissistic for her….

Wait, someone too into himself for Gaga?

Anyway, it’s over.

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That thing is $35!  I could see $10 or maybe $15 but come on!!

The stuff Lady Gaga is selling at Barney’s NY is ridiculous!  A Lady Gaga egg spinner toy for $35???  A unicorn stocking for $65???  Or how about an ugly set of “Little Monsters” for $95???  And for the TRUE Lady Gaga fan in your life… a $395 CANDLE???

Lady Gaga did a press conference in India before her concert in New Delhi this weekend.  She actually toned down her look a little… just a little spraypaint on the hair.  Is that supposed to be a carrot?  Or a pumpkin?

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Lady Gaga’s Sister in Teen Vogue

Lady Gaga’s sister Natali Germonatta, AKA Baby Gaga, is a fashion student – here is her photo shoot from Teen Vogue.  She says she likes to wear black and calls her outfits “witchypoo”.

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