Celebrity family time

Heidi Klum took her kids out for ice cream and Kelly Rutherford double hipped it with her munchkins!

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Celebrity Kids Weekend

Kate Hudson took her son Ryder out in the city… his hair is so much better short!!  I wonder how he hurt his wrist??

Mel B did some shopping with her girls Phoenix Chi & Angel Iris – holy brightly dressed family!

Gwen Stefani took the kids to a birthday party, Kelly Rutherford hung out with her sister and baby girl Helena…

Victoria Beckham dressed her boys alike and strutted to LAX in her usual super high heels, and Jessica Alba and Cash Warren took Honor out for breakfast.

And can’t forget my 2 favorite celebrity girls Violet & Seraphina Affleck, out with their mom and grandma.  Yeah, the paparazzi circled the picture of Jennifer Garner’s tummy as if she is pregnant.  That looks more like a natural bump of the sweatshirt to me!!

Bauer-Griffin, Fame Pictures

The 4th annual Pink Party pics!

A ton of celebrities attended the 4th annual Pink Party on Saturday night… Heidi & Spencer, Jennifer Garner, Vanessa Minnillo, Kate Beckinsale, and a ton of others.  Check out the photos!

Jennifer Garner is not the best dresser at these events.  It’s cool to be conservative, but that shirt does nothing for her… and everyone else seemed pretty dressed up and she went with jeans?  Well, except for Kelly Rutherford wearing what could almost be considered hammer pants!

Photos: Splash News Online