Radaronline.com is reporting Gerard Butler was at Coachella this weekend partying like crazy… Their source says he was drinking whiskey and was visibly wasted! He just got out of rehab 6 weeks ago and this isn’t the first report of him already struggling to stay clean.

Again, not the environment for anyone in recovery…

Lindsay Lohan was there too but so far no stories about her being drunk, she says she was sober!

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The Bounty Hunter premiere

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler look like a happy couple in love at the premiere of “The Bounty Hunter” in Madrid last night.  I wonder if she looks at Brad Pitt now and thinks “ewwwwwwwww” the way I do.  Gerard Butler is much hotter than Brad now!!

Photos: Flynet Pictures

Jennifer Aniston in a BIG PINK DRESS

OUCH!  That is a LOUD dress… very 80’s prom-ish!!!

And she looks like she might have a baby bump!!!!  No…

Do you think?

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler on W Magazine.  I guess they are happy together, where is her ring, and WHEN IS THE BABY COMING???

What do you think of the picture – hot or not?

Jennifer Aniston HOT at 41!

Jennifer Aniston celebrated her 41st birthday in Cabo with Gerard Butler, Courtney Cox, Sheryl Crow, and other friends… So are she and Gerard Butler officially an item?  How long before she insists he marry her… I mean she is 41, tick tock tick tock tick tock…

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

Jess & Gerard have dinner??

Jessica Simpson and Gerard Butler had dinner at the same table last night… however, they were with a group of people, and isn’t he with Jennifer Aniston?  There were rumors back in October that Gerard and Jess were canoodling… but then he was with Jen… and possibly still is… so who knows???

Jess’s pants are ew by the way.

Photos: Fame Pictures

Jennifer Aniston THE BASTER

She's so cute!

Jennifer Aniston on the set of The Baster.  I still can’t get over this movie.  I can’t wait to watch it.

She’s getting all cozy with Gerard Butler I guess.  We’ll see how far this goes, 700th time’s a charm… maybe?

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