Drunk Tara Reid Is Back!

Not that I think she’s ever really stopped drinking but it’s been a while since I’ve seen pictures of her trashed.  She went to a yacht party in Cannes and was all over 60 year old jeweler Fawaz Grousi.

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Nicolas Cage Arrested in New Orleans

Nicolas Cage, Premiere, Season of the witch, Crime, Legal Trouble, Lawyers

Nicolas Cage is losing it.

Various reports are circulating around the web that a drunk Nic taunted New Orleans police into Arresting him after having a loud argument with his wife early this morning.

It worked.

He was booked by police for Domestic abuse and disturbing the peace.

Love to see that booking photo!

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Christina Aguilera, Boa Steakhouse, Hollywood, Matthew Rutler, Date, Date Night

Christina Aguilera was arrested for being drunk by the LA County Sheriff this morning at about 3am.  She’s not being charged with anything and is essentially being held in the drunk tank.
LA County Sheriffs stopped a vehicle being driven by her boyfriend, Matthew Rutler and are holding him on suspected drunk driving charges.   His bail is set at $30,000

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Demi Moore drunk & showin’ bra

Demi Moore let loose on the beach this weekend with her hubby Ashton Kutcher and friends…

GOOD TIMES!!  Click here for more photos.

Hey, if I looked that good – especially at 47 – I’d want to show it off after a few beers too!!

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Is Paula Abdul a drunk?

Splash News Online

There’s Paula Abdul being her special and unique and talented self at the LupusLA dinner last night… Do you think she’s a drunk?  Or is she just weird?


She struck a few more poses…  If she’s not on something, she’s quite a good natural lush.

Show me now!