Denise Richards was out and about in NYC this week sporting lots of loud outfits!

She was on Fox & Friends this morning and talked about how Charlie Sheen was a completely different person when she fell in love with him.  She also said she just adopted her new baby because she wanted more children and didn’t want to wait for a partner… probably a wise choice – she likes bad boys!

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Denise Richards & Girls Shopping

Denise Richards shopping with her daughters Sam, Lola, and baby Eloise.  The girls rarely look happy – I think they just hate the paparazzi – look how they cling to Denise!

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Nikki Sixx was spotted in Calabasas, CA at a Jewelry store looking at diamonds.

Denise Richards recently confirmed that she was dating Sixx.  Could there be wedding bells ALREADY?

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I’m sorry, I don’t like to pick on children, but Denise’s kids NEVER smile!!

Sam & Lola always have these miserable looks on their faces… I know their dad is a nightmare but they don’t even have to spend much time with him – especially not now – I hope they haven’t inherited his mental instability issues… And Denise seems like she is a pretty good mom!!  You wouldn’t be able to photograph my kid one picture after the other and not catch some sort of happy look… but there are about 15 pictures of them leaving gymnastics and they look depressed in all of them!!


Photos: Flynet Pictures

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Denise & the non-smiling girls!

Denise Richards Leaving Brentwood Country Mart

I never see Denise’s kids smiling, especially not Sam.  NEVER.

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Denise with Sam & Lola on the monkey bars

Denise Richards spent some time with her girls at the park yesterday.  Sam & Lola seem to be having fun on the monkey bars… still searching for a photo of Sam Sheen smiling!!

Photos: Flynet Pictures

Denise & Sam go shopping

Denise taking Sam shopping

Denise Richards spent some one-on-one time with her older daughter Sam Sheen.  They went shopping and it looks like Sam got some new toys!  If only the little girl could smile…

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Little Sheen Girls!

Sam & Lola Sheen brushing teeth!

How cute!  Gotta love Denise Richards on Twitter!  Sam & Lola Sheen brushing teeth… Good girls.